Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dordogne Valley

We went for a few days in South West of France to see my familly in law. This place is called Dordogne because of the river which crosses this area.

We know this area really well but it's always a pleasure to visit some place like the village of BEYNAC.

It's a medieval village next to the Dordogne River.

A vintage postman car...

All these small streets are so typical!


Most of the buildings are made of a beautiful yellow stones in this region.


The weather was really hot so I chose a simple coton day dress from the early 50's.


I think that a lot of my non-european readers must think that most of french villages are like this... but I must say no, just some pretty places have been restaured and preserved.


BEYNAC is also well known for its castle seen in many medieval movies.


There are some cute tiny gardens.


All the streets are very steep and we felt really tired at the top....


But you need to endure that to see the beautiful castle....

Dordogne is the place in FRANCE where you will see the more castles, the legend says more than 1001....

From Beynac you can see some other ones and the other side of the river mostly from Middle Age.

At the top you also have a great view of the Valley and see many canoes on the River.

Here are both of us... not the best picture ever... but it's pretty rare to see us on the same picture, isn't it?

There are many cats walking here or there...

We tried to take picture as we were alone to visit this nice place but it's not the truth, there are many tourist from all over the world.

We really don't like vacations by sea without doing anything. We like to visit museums and places from the past.

And here is another place near the Dordogne River called LA ROQUE GAGEAC.

It's also a medieval village...

but with many plants!

We can feel like being in another continent...

Another great view from Dordogne...

What an amazing tree!!!

Look like an old mission in south America, isn't it?

One of the most beautiful village of France!

We also saw many other castles....

We are kind of proud to be french when you are visited so much nice places!!!!

Have you ever heard about Dordogne?
Do you like to visit castles?


  1. I like castles, but i LOVE your dress - you look wonderful!

  2. C'est trés jolie la dordogne, je ne connaissais pas. Et la tenue est trés belle, j'adore les lunettes !!!

  3. I love this area in france, we usedto visit a lot when I was younger with my family. Your post has sent wonderful memories flooding back, i remember doing a boat trip and looking up at the castle. How wonderful! I agree with your point that not all french villages are like this, but there are so many hidden gems in the dordogne region :)

    great post and wonderfull photos

    The Marilyn Adventures


  4. France is so beautiful. When I visited Paris everywhere we looked the architecture was amazing! Love your shoes by the way.

  5. Oh, so beautiful! I love all of the old buildings around Europe. There's nothing like this in the States.

  6. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos. One of these days we'll get over to Europe - I can't wait!!! We just visited a house in our area that was built in 1904 and thought that it was OLD...hahahahaha, a mere baby by comparison to these medieval castles!

    1. You MUST come!!!! Despite a quite new history, we also love to visit the USA!!!

  7. I haven't been to France a lot - so, no, we haven't been to Dordogne yet. Your pictures are gorgeous^^
    And we like sightseeing vacations better than seaside vacations as well^^

  8. Very beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them!! You and your hubby always look like you both are in a photo shoot. You look so cute-in separate pictures -or together!!!!

  9. What a breath-takingly lovely location that gets added to my list of must-see-French destinations for sure. Fantastic outfits! I really like how you picked up the red in the dress for your accessories and hair bow.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. It´s a very beautiful place, thanks for sharing your pictures. One day I´ll go to France. It´s just around the corner but the only place in France I´ve seen so far is Calais. For 2 hours. Before we cast off to Dover :) But I have quite a few books about the Loire-region and desperately want to go there.

  11. BREATHTAKING photos!!!!! Just gorgeous!