Sunday, August 26, 2012

ERSTWILDER brooches...

I saw with my last post that "jewels are a girl best friends".... thanks for your comments! So why not speak a little more about costume jewelery!!!

So here is how I was dressed yesterday....
I especially chose this outfit to match a new brooch that I received a few day ago: vintage late 40's dress with a felt hat, a quite patrotic outfit, isn't it?
So here is the brooch that I'm talking about.... I really fell in love with this design when I saw it on internet! It's not a vintage one but just a retro design made in resin and designed by Louisa Camille for ERSTWILDER.

This is the cute box I receive from Australia....

I ordered 2 new friends all handmade with resin with a great vintage look!
To match my brooch, I choose this lucite and straw basket, it is one of my favorite handbag and I have worn it many, many times!
After about 40°C (100° F), the weather is now cool and rainy...
I really love to match accessories and colors, I usually chose the piece that I want to wear (here this rabbit brooch) and after I build the complete outfit by choosing a dress, hat, belt, bag, umbrella, glasses and jewels....

You must have notice my ART DECO necklace... it's a special one for me. It's made of gold, sapphire and real pearl, it was offered to my husband's grandmother  for her wedding in the 30's!!!!

This hat comes from a thrift store bought for 1 euro.

Some pictures of my lovely photograph....

He was wearing a late 40's shirt.

Soon the end of summer and we must enjoy a bit more our garden.

Just to speak a little bit more about ERSTWILDER, I was really pleased with these 2 brooches and I'm planning to buy some more in a near future... My next purchase will be this jaguar for sure!!!!
But there are so many others designs.... It's really nice to discovered a new brand like this!!!
Can perhaps ask my Santa Claus husband  more of them for Christmas....

Do you know ERSTWILDER?
Can you fall in love with theirs designs like me?


  1. The Erstwilder business is located not far from me and are in all my local gift shops. I purchased the Scotty dog brooch and he lives on one of my hats at the moment! I like the Jaquar too.

  2. You are the undisputed queen of accessorizing, gorgeous gal! I adore your outfit here (including the cute vintage umbrella), and hope you'll continue to chat more with us about your love of jewelry and accessories.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Those brooches are so cute! Your hat and purse are also fabulous.

  4. Votre vêtement est très joli! Les accessoires sont parfait. :)

  5. I love Erstwilder! I have the toucan brooch.

  6. oh i love them! i hadn't heard of that brand before. your bunny looks great with that outfit too!

  7. I love your outfit-you look so adorable! Can you tell me how you purchased the brooches from Erstwilder? When I went on the site, it just lists shops in Australia. How does someone in the USA go about purchasing them? Such cute items!!! Thanks!!

    1. I bought mine from this web site:

  8. I love them! I have just ordered the jaguar and can't wait for it to arrive. Love your lucite basket too,and you look stunning as always, Deb xx

  9. fabulous! the jaguar def' should be your next choice....your dress is fabulous.

  10. Absolument superbe, cet ensemble !