Sunday, August 19, 2012


After a bad summer beginning, sun is really here now and weather is hotter and hotter everyday!!!

Not easy to wear vintage clothes with these high temperatures!

We went to a former industrial site in Luxembourg that has been tranformed in a commercial area.

But it was not just a small drive together with my husband, we had a special goal...

Meeting friends at the sunset for a drive-in movie!!!!

It was a special evening for vintage cars.

Just a few words about this outfit. A 50's set bought in Mamie, a vintage shop in Paris, about 10 years ago, perfect light coton for hot summer! My turban is made of a 50's souvenir scarf from "Côte d'Azur".

All our friends were at the first rank just in front of the screen.


These kind of events are not common here, it's just for 4 nights in a year.

It's sure you will be more comfy in a classic movie theater with air conditionned and soft chair, but it will be for sure less fun!!!!

Just waiting for the movie to begin sharing drinks and pop corn...

Just like in the 50's, isn't it?

Unfortunaly, I forgot to picture my turban, it's really nice with palms, some flags, vintage style people in swimsuit....

What a nice view!!!!

And it was time to enjoy movie....

Just for picture .... the movie was not in 3D!

The movie was a vintage one of course...

Goldfinger a James Bond from the early 60's with Sean Connery.

I watch the first half of the movie in our '58 Lincoln convertible  and the second one in my Chevy.... not easy to see all screen with a such small windshield....

Have you ever been to a Drive-In movie Theater?
Do you wear vintage clothes when it's really hot?


  1. When I was young, we used to go to the drive in all the time! It was fun! I don't dress vintage, but I certainly love the way you look in all your photos - I enjoy them and the beautiful vintage cars! Reminds me of the wonderful times when I was growing up in the 50's and 60's!!!

  2. This looks like fun! I've been to a drive-in movie once in Santa Cruz, but I'm not even sure there is anywhere is London that has them...although, we have outdoor picnic movie screenings during the summer. Loving this hot weather, at last!!!!

  3. You look so fabulous - love your cute dress and wonderful hair!

    I think I just died and went to vintage drive-in heaven! I love drive-ins soooooo much and have written posts about my adoration of them before, though we don't (sadly) actually have any around these parts any more.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Drive-ins are the best, we have one here, we are waiting for it to get darker sooner so maybe next month or so we can start going. I would love to watch a movie at the drive-in surrounded by old cars though, amazing.

  5. Ça devait être super, je l'ai fait une fois et j'ai adoré.....

  6. Wow sounds like you've been having a great summer! I adore all the cars and outfits! So annoying, we don't have drive-ins over here! So in love with all those cars! XxxX

  7. I love drive in movies! They are pretty popular where I live and there are several close by that are open all summer! There are no vintage cars and the movies are all modern but it's still fun.

  8. Going to the drive-in is possibly one of my favorite things during summer. And how fabulous you look!!