Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I found on Ebay some weeks ago this set of 50's NOS BANDEAUX.... I lost the auction but some time after the seller contacted me to tell me that she had more of them... That's how I received this:

I always don't know what to do with NOS items... use or not use them? But here I was dying to use them!!!

Here are some pictures close to Moselle River near home.

BANDEAU is a french word and I had not idea that american people use it.

This pink dress from the early 50's comes from GROUCHO, the shop I visited in Toulouse. I bought it 5 years ago.

I was also wearing for the first time my new Rockets Original shoes: pink and black, just perfect!!!

Giving some bread to these beautiful swans.

Just enjoying the sun which takes many weeks to come...

And a picture from the back to finish this simple day....

Have you ever seen some bandeaux like these?
How do you feel about NOS items dating before the 60's?


  1. So gorgeous, I need some! In Australia we call these headbands or bandanas. Altho yours look like they might be elastic?

    1. I remember these styles of headbands (i'm Australian too) being all the rage about 10 years ago (i think you can even still get them in discount stores), but i dont remember them being as vintage or chic as yours!

  2. la robe est vraiment sympa !!! j'adore le rose....

    1. Une de mes couleur préférée avec le rouge et le mauve!

  3. Your shoes are so cute, I love Rocket Originals.

  4. Those look excellent, and so handy for when you don't want to wear your hair down...kind of like a cross between a bandana and a snood! I want one now!

  5. Great find! I use vintage NOS things, they´re too good for storing them again for the next 60 years :-)

  6. When I buy vintage, I keep in mind whether I'm going to use it or not...most everything I own I use and appreciate rather than having it sit around in my closet collecting more dust!

    I think Brittany at Va-Voom Vintage made something similar using some scrap material and elastic thread. Seeing yours makes me wonder if one could crochet some using elastic thread?? Might be a project for me to try this fall.

  7. What completely good luck that the seller had more. I would have been bummed if I'd not won these, too, and am delighted that you were able to get some in the end (you've got me wanting one now as well!).

    You look completely beautiful, dear gal - love (!) the cute pink dress.

    ♥ Jessica