Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shopping in TOULOUSE

During our vacations in Dordogne we spent one day in the lovely town of Toulouse must known like the Pink City because of its buildings color.

The weather was really, really hot and there were many markets in some streets.

And even a flea market around the Cathedral!

I bought for a few euros a nice 40's large pin hat and  this wonderful 40's hat made of black felt and natural straw, I love this kind of large hat!!!

Who can dream for a better place to shop, isn't it?

Oh, I took this picture of my favorite coins purse, vintage from the 50's probably made for a child or a teenage girl. Must be an actor but who????

Toulouse's architecture is really different from where I live, kind of antique roman style.

This is the only picture of my husband this day... I was too busy to look all around me!!!

I don't like to wear sleeves less dress, most of the time I don't want to show my chubby arms... but when it's so hot outside, it's the best choice....

Here is the "Pont Neuf" (New Bridge).

It was my second time in Toulouse, but a map is still usefull.

I love to wear snood when I'm on vacation, comfy for hot weather and don't need to much time to get ready!!!

But there is a place you must not miss in Toulouse...

GROUCHO, one of the best vintage clothes store in France!!!

There are 2 stores one with stuff before the 70's and another one for vintage after the 60's.

I only visited the first one (you must know why...). I think that you can count shoppes with this quality on the fingers of only one hand in FRANCE...

What I love there is that everything is washed and restored before being sell.

Despite that, prices are quite affordable compared to the stores in Paris!

I met there the lovely Solenn, she is a former seller in this shop.
She is a 40's lover and will open a vintage boutique in Toulouse in september! You can visit her blog written in french there.

I was impressed by all these available accessories: shoes, hats, jewellery....

and hundred of vintage NOS cateyes glasses from the 50's in every colors!!!!

A lot of these kind of glasses are really narrow and it's nice to be able to try before buying a pair.

I was pleased to find a really nice black and green pair.

So much nice dresses but my favorites didn't fit me :-(

I hesitate to buy this small purse at the last minute... but finally let it for someone else...

And after a short visit to Solenn's under construction shop, it was time to go back...

Do you know Toulouse?
Have you some nice vintage shoppes near home?


  1. Looks like you have had another wonderfull day, that shop looks like heaven!

    The Marilyn Adventures

  2. Looks so pretty there.I have never been to france but hope one day.That shop looks very nice.Love your dress.xx

  3. Alain Delon perhaps?
    The vintage shop looks great.

    1. Must be an american guy because I bought it in the USA...

    2. Ah, then maybe its Robert Conrad.
      Definitely MY type anyway:)

  4. That coin purse kind of looks like Dick Clark to me. That vintage shop looks awesome! I'm so afraid to buy vintage glasses online due to the fact that they may not fit me.
    Looks like you two had a great time.

    1. Yes, not easy to buy online... the model can be stunning but you can look like a fly if they don't fit your face...

  5. What an amazing shop. You look fantastic too.

  6. We have a few shops in Chicago, but they do not compare to this one, I'm so jealous.

  7. I have never been-only to Paris and Nice so far, but what a day you had! I loved all the photos and you looked so pretty in pink! Your arms are not chubby at all but I know how you feel-I am not too fond of sleeveless either. LOL xox

  8. I love these posts! As always, you look fantastic. That store looks completely gorgeous and I admire your restraint with the purse.

  9. I adore your vintage shopping days posts and find myself constantly swooning over the amazing treasures you spot and buy. That coin purse is oodles of fun! I don't know who it's supposed to depict, but I think it looks a tiny bit like your sweet hubby.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. I think the coin purse might be Pat Boone-he was #2 to Elvis in the 50's! You look great in your sleeveless dress, too! Don't you just want everything you see when you go into a shop like that when it has so much of your style?? Glad you are having fun!!

    1. Yes, I want to buy everything.... and I can spend hours to check everything!!!!

  11. Ah ! Super, moi qui atttendais les photos de votre rencontre avec Solenn. La boutique a vraiment l'air super. A Rennes on en a pas de ce genre là, dommage.

    1. C'est toujours un grand plaisir de pouvoir rencontrer les gens dans la vraie vie! Je te rassure pas de boutiques de ce type dans le Nord Est non plus. A part Mamie et Casablanca à Paris, rien de comparable à Groucho...

  12. Bonjour,

    En effet, magnifique boutique. Il faudrait raser les 4 friperies "vintage"entre guillemets de Montpellier qui ne proposent rien que des horreurs textiles au dessus de 1975 pour une seule et belle boutique de qualité. Pourtant, la qualité existait aussi à ces époques modernes. Ces chiffonniers ne savent même pas ce qu'est de la bakelite ou de la rayonne. Il faut faire preuve de patience et de politesse devant leur manque de connaissances et leur toupet pour raconter n'importe quoi sur leurs vêtements pour les vendre. Bref, on n'y trouve rien au moins on y rigole ;)

    1. Le mot vintage est vraiment utilisé à toutes les sauces et souvent pour désigner des m...
      Je suis souvent étonnée d'en savoir plus sur les objets et les vêtements que certains vendeurs et brocanteurs qui te racontent que ce truc est typiquement 50's alors que cela sent les 80's a plein nez....

  13. I think your coin purse looks like actor Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood's husband ..??

  14. What a gorgeous place! Looks like a lovely day out....and your arms are not chubby!!!!!!! :) xxx

  15. Now that looks like the best vintage shop I have ever seen- AMAZING!
    Another lovely outfit….Oh and you do not have chubby arms! I also like your super hat find from the flea ; )
    T x

  16. i am in LOVE with that coin purse! i've never seen anything like it!

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