Monday, July 30, 2012


Last saturday came at home some journalists from Luxembourg. As vintage is really fashionnable lately, their magazine called BOLD will have a full issue in September dealing with vintage.

They wanted to take some pictures of us in our interior.

So I took some time to do a perfect 50's hairstyle!!!

I know how to style my hair but most of the time, I'm too lazy to take some time on the evening to put hair rollers....

I didn't often take pictures inside home for this blog, so you will be able to see more about our home sweet home...

The suit I'm wearing was bought in San Fransisco last March at RELIC VINTAGE.

My hat come from an antique mall in Bakersfield also during our last US trip.

Earrings bought for $1 at Passadena flea market...

This purse come from an Antiques shop in Chicago 3 years ago and the shoes come from a flea market in Paris many years ago, they were made by BALLY and were new old stock!!!!

Pearl necklace and bracelet are presents from my husband.

I don't think I have ever shown you my kitchen.

And here is a part of my living room...

I also love the hall, it's why we fell in love with that house.

After a nice summer week, rain came back... and we missed the beginning of Olympic Games due to a huge frightening storm...

I hope this post was not too long for you..

How many time do you usually take for your daily hairstyle?
What do you think of home sweet home?


  1. I love your home. I would love to see color photos of the kitchen. I'm a sucker for retro decorated houses. I don't take a ton of time on my hair, about 20 minutes with hot rollers.

    1. The main color of my kitchen is blue, floor is black, blue and pink.

    2. That sounds so cute!

  2. You look lovely, as always! And your house is gorgeous!

  3. I love your house! It's so fabulous. Most days I don't spend too much time on my hair. It really just depends on how I'm feeling, but I do love to do fancy hair dos for special occasions.

  4. What a lovely post - your house is so fabulous and you look gorgeous!
    I set my hair every single night with sponge rollers. It takes me less than 10 mins and 5 mins in the morning. I´m doing it for years now so it became just a normal routine like brushing teeth.

  5. Your home is wonderful-I love the retro flair you have put into it! I think you look like you stepped out of a 1950's magazine spread!! I enjoyed all of the pictures. Please post more of your home!! My hair????? It's short, so a quick blow dry and a little hairspray-that's it!! LOL!

  6. First to answer your question-- I have been super lazy with my hair in the last few weeks, wearing only a front roll and braids, so just a few minutes. Eek! Though when I set it, I've recently started using 1/2 the rollers I always have, so it takes less time and is only a few minutes to brush out in the morning. I don't like to take a lot of time on my hair, I can't stand it!

    Anyway, I LOVE seeing the inside photos of your house, it is so inspiring to me. Your kitchen is amazing. Right now we have so much to do any nothing is decorated, and I feel our house is a little flat and boring. I can't wait to start working on decorating and painting!

  7. I've always thought that you guys looked like you deserved to be in a magazine, and am elated to know that now you are. Happiest congrats! It must have been such a fun, fantastic day for you and your (thoroughly amazing) home! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Aha! So this is the suit that you bought from Relic Vintage! Lovely! :)

    Your home is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  9. I absolutely adore that striped blue suit on the mannequin behind you!