Sunday, February 17, 2013

An endless WINTER...

I'm quite fed up with winter lately....
We have had a lot of snow compared to previous years... and apparently it's not finished!
It's fun to see how snow can bring happiness at the season's beginning and how it brings bad mood now...
So to fight this winter blues what I do is wearing colorfull clothes!
I'm also trying to enjoy that wool clothes that I will not be able to wear again in a few weeks.
These pictures was taken in a castle's park near home.
There are beautiful centenary trees...
 and some abandonned buildings.
As I already told you, I built my outfits around a piece of clothes or an accessory I want to wear.
Here it's this funny hat, I called it "the dalmatian hat"! I bought it NOS from an antique seller who is collecting vintage clothing that's really rare to find these kind of sellers here!
This hat is made of wool felt in a lovely color and this front twist give it a funny look!
Silly hats are definitively the best!!!!
You can notice my hair today, they are quite freezy... I wanted to give another chance to sponge hair rollers... First, I want to say that I didn't sleep better than with my usual rollers on and secondly I don't think the result is better! They perhaps dried a bit faster.
I bought this wool dress suit from Ebay last year, it is an example of vintage in good condition but that have been badly altered.
 I cannot wear the dress without the jacket because the bust have been shorten and I cannot wear the original belt because it was cut to fit a really smaller waist.
That's why I usually don't want to alter my own clothes and prefer to sell them, larger sizes are so hard to find so why distroying the original cut of an outfit?
I made some clothes altered but I don't think they fit properly after....
Brooches are less and less loved in our modern world but I personally love them a lot.
That's why you can also buy them for really affordable prices even if they are gorgeous!
Even my husband can wear some pins!
It's a vintage buick dealer's one.
I also want to enjoy a bit more my new coat.... 

With this cute pink purse I added a bit more color.
These shades are definitively those I perhaps love the most:
 purple, pink, raspberry...
Just a classic 50's outfit for Sylvain....
High waist pants and a vintage flecked jacket!
This tie bar was made by the ties brand Arrow, it is really stylish, isn't it?
 Do you suffer from winter blues like us?
Do you often alter vintage clothes?


  1. Silly hats are the best !!!

    Je suis admirative de ta coupe, pour mettre les bigoudis impec ;)

  2. What a sweet coat, I really like the colour! I admire your lifestyles so much, you both look so elegant ! I wish it would be Spring already, I am tired of using so many layers of tights and cardigans, I want to wear my new suits already :D

    I do alter some of the clothes, but not all of them. It really depends on clothing :) If it's something I don't want to let go but is too big for me (and not in very good condition), I really have to make it fit and fix it. I am quite of an amateur, so I try not to destroy some very good and old vintage pieces, those I leave as they are :)

    Yours sincerely,
    Sara from Ladylike Delicacy

  3. Winter blues is what I feel right now too... In general, I'm a winter-loving girl, but this winter is just too long! A snow, a frost, heavy boots, warm scarves - gee, I just have enough!

    And I have to tell you that I really love your outfit! The coat and the dress are sooo pretty! I wish I had a dress like this, it looks just perfect :)


  4. You are both just adorable!

  5. that coat is amazing, i really love the color of it. As always both of you are looking gorgeous!

  6. You always look so beautiful Laurence!

  7. I do suffer from winter blues! It's a serious depression silly enough called "SAD". I have to have a special lamp that I sit in front of and I close all of the windows at sunset so I'm not as heavily impacted by the early darkness- take loads of vitamins and such. Spring will be here before I know it and I absolutely cannot wait!!! I also do some alterations to vintage clothes on occasion. If it's already in good shape, I'll just find it a new home if it needs major alterations to fit well and if it's in really poor condition, I make the whole dress over!

  8. Such a beautiful red colour on the dress! It suits you really well :)

  9. The colours of the clothes in this post are beautiful. You may well be fed up of the snow but it does contribute to lovely pictures. We have just had 3dry, sunny, snow free days in a row which has helped the winter blues!

  10. Wow! What marvelous colors! I adore that hat!


  11. I suffer from winter blues aswell - today we have had lovely sunshine in the UK and it makes me feel better! I love the colours and your hat looks fabulous!

  12. That hat is marvelous! I love how the curls compliment your rolled bangs. The two really, really look terrific together. Both of your fight-off-the-winter-blues outfits are fantastic. Very lovely palettes and layers. We got hit with more snow again here this week, too, so it will be a while longer until spring returns to my corner of Canada as well. Hopefully it won't be too much longer for all of though!

    ♥ Jessica

  13. What a beautiful couple you make and I really love your coat xx

  14. I felt the winter blues quite badly last winter and turned to sewing for solace. I made over a few pieces of clothes by re-sizing and re-shaping and made some Spring/Summer dresses ...which gave me something to look forward to. I love your hat and dress to match, both look beautiful and the dress appears to fir you quite well-or is that clever camera work and positioning? xx Shauna

  15. So lovely winter outfits! I love the combination of dusty pink mixed with berry colours, looks so bright in the endless days of winter...even bought a new old vintage coat, I´m sure I have the chance to wear it for some more winter weeks ;-)

  16. I know how you feel - I am sooooooo fed up of the cold weather! It hasn't been too bad in the past week, and the sun has come out, but it is due to get cold again from Thursday onwards....I just hope it doesn't snow! :( At least you have a fantastic coat collection to keep you warm and stylish!!!! :)

  17. I love the colour combination with your coat and dress!

  18. Love the coat! The colors of your whole outfit are really beautiful on you!

    I too am sick of winter. I love wool (and of course knit with it year-round), but I'm so ready for my feet to not be freezing when I even just walk around inside. Ugh!

  19. Tres belle robe Laurence! J'aime beacoup la couleur, elle est tres jolie. Vous avez le talent pour mettre des choses ensemble.
    ~Yvonne (

  20. I want to start by saying that I really miss having castles in my neighborhood like I did when I lived in Italy. As you probably know, that is something we don't have in America.

    The Dalmatian hat is so very beautiful. All the little details and twirls... wow.

    Lastly, the age older question of to alter or not to alter. I do have my vintage clothing altered; however, I ask for a non permanent alteration so all the extra fabric is left for a future lady if she needs or wants it.


  21. you both look like you enjoy winter so much while taking beautiful pictures outside ... but i really do unserstand. i don't want to see snow again this year - but it starts snowing right after i wrote this words again.
    anyhow, this dress looks so lovely on you.