Friday, February 8, 2013

On the Air ... TV time !!!!

So, it was yesterday...

As announced in THIS post, we were interviewed a few weeks ago for a TV show.

It was for a TV channel from Luxembourg in a programm dealing with decoration and trends. Sylvain and I speak french but the journalist speak luxembourgish, so my german followers will be able to understand a bit what it said there.

It's just a few minutes but if you want to see it,
 it's HERE!!!!
It's quite funny to see myself... I cannot even recognize my own voice!

What do you think about it?
Could you understand a bit of what we said?


  1. That was a wonderful video - I really enjoyed watching :)

  2. How exciting! You have such a lovely home.

  3. What a great video - so nice to see you both in your fantastic house and cars. I didn't understand the German at all but I could understand you and Sylvain better. It was nice just to see the video footage of you though! x

  4. Didn't understand a word of what was said (wish I did), but I loved the video. You both looked great and your home is lovely.

  5. This was so much fun to watch. I love how they introduced you with Buddy Holly:) It was great to take a sneak peak in your home and oh my goodness, the magnificent vacuum cleaner lol, I'd be afraid to use it:) It is so much fun to see your lifestyle. Thank you for sharing this with us. I really do feel like I stepped back into the 1950's.

  6. First, you home is so lovely as are both of your outfits for this interview. You look absolutely divine in your close up shots!!

    I must say I loved the car in the opening as well as the Buddy Holly playing in the background. He has and always will be one of my favorite musicians.

    Oh how I wish I spoke luxembourgish, French, or Germany so that I could know what you are all saying.


  7. What a great house! It was fun to see everything :)

  8. What a terrific interview, you both seem like naturals in front of a TV camera and have such lovely speaking voices. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. Your home is so, so wonderfully decorated and filled with countless awesome vintage treasures.

    Huge congrats to you both on your TV appearance!
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Oh how lovely! My German isn't bad but my French is awful. I got the gist of it but that's not the point; your house and collections are fabulous! Congratulations on your first television appearance!

  10. It was great, your home is just lovely. (and I am living in Switzerland, so I was able to understand both, the french and at least the majority of the Luxembourgish).
    Abitez-vous en France ou en Luxembourg, parce-que j'ai croyé toujours que vous êtez français?
    En tout cas, la maison, toi, ton mari, votre "vie" (la vie qu'on peut deviner après le peu des minutes), c'est incroiable, admirable, simplement merveilleux.

    1. Nous sommes français, habitons en France à quelques kms de la frontière, je travaille au Luxembourg.

  11. Je viens de regarder le reportage, c'est vraiment super. Vous êtes tous les deux adorables. Même si je n'ai pas tout compris, mon allemand laisse un peu indésiré (enfin, si c'est de l'allemand!!!), je trouve votre univers tout à fait charmant. Sacrée collection de voiture, elles sont magnifiques. Mes filles ont adorés : "c'est qui, pourquoi c'est comme ça chez eux" "elle est jolie habillée comme ça"......

  12. Congratulations! :) i didn't understand a word of it, but you both look fabulous! Hold tight to your hubby, he is a real fifties dish. ;) your own voice always sounds strange, i think you have a lovely voice. You both can be proud of this. Ps. I envy your home.

  13. congrats. wow this was so cool to be able to see you both not just on pictures but in real motion ... it was quite hard to understand and totally funny. actually i never heard louxembougain before ... sadly my french is far to bad to understand you both.
    but i loved what i saw. your house is amazing!!!! too good to be true! (yeah, my dressing table looks quite similar as your adorable table does ...)

  14. Very good! TV-interviews can be so tricky. And nice to see the fintage calendar :-)

  15. How cool! You both look amazing and your house is gorgeous. I speak German and some French (I find it so much easier to read than listen to!) so all together I probably understood a third of it. :)