Sunday, February 3, 2013

SI CRANSTOUN in Strasbourg

We had a wonderful day yesterday.

Not because of the weather because it was cold...
and rainy!
Snow have finally disappeared but some more is announced for next week...

As winter is still there, I have decided to invest in a new coat!
I was lately searching for a brown or navy blue wool coat and be able to wear it even with a petticoat underneath....
and I found this 40's one on Etsy for an affordable price and fell in love...
Look at these sleeves!
My elegant husband....
So we were in Strasbourg for some shopping, meeting some friends and for Si Cranstoun's concert. 
Sylvain and I met there many years ago and we also lived more than 10 years in this beautiful city.

It's always a great pleasure to go back to Strasbourg

Maison Kammerzell is now a hotel restaurant, it was built in 1427!!!
My new coat matched perfectly the cathedral's stones!!!
There is no place with a such architecture!
All shoppes are really cute and look at those yummy pastries!
And it was time to go to this nice concert...

It was the third time we saw him, but it was the best because this place was small and friendly!

I met the sweet Alexandra, a long time Facebook friend, that I never had chance to meet!
Sylvain also met some "friends" from another car club the Salinas Scamp's.

And here is our last picture, but not the least!
 Si with my friends and me!

Have you ever been to Strasbourg?
Do you like Si Cranstoun?


  1. Great coat, I'm with you, I found a nice long wool coat to wear over my skirts. Nice that the fur trim is in good shape.

  2. I really had to laugh, when I saw that you´ve been to Strasbourg this weekend - why? Because my husband and me are going to Strasbourg next Saturday! It is only about an hour away by train and I had an exhibition there a couple of years ago at the art academy. Also my italian parents-in-law had there honeymoon there in 1969...
    Is it true that there is every saturday a fleamarket in front of the cathedral? Is there any place you suggest us to visit?
    And you look fabulous as always!! The checked dress suits you so well and the sleeve details of your new coat are amazing!
    Grosses bises

    1. Yes, it's true, there is a flea market and book market near th cathedral every saturday but this is not the best. Just a few sellers with high prices. Sunday flea markets on small villages are really better!

    2. Thank you for your advice - That means we will spend the day eating french pastries instead :)
      Is there a good restaurant we should go to? Unfortunately I have no one else I could ask for advice and you even lived in that beautiful city!

    3. If you like cheese, there is a place where you can only eat cheese, it's called "La cloche à fromage" perhaps 2 min from Cathedral but it's only cheese! Another place quite cheap is L'EPICERIE, you can eat "tartines" in a vintage interior.
      If you are with a car, this is the best place to eat (10min from Stras):

  3. Thank you so much! I saved the link for an other time when we go by car. Next Saturay we will try out the two places you gave me :)
    merci beaucoup <3

  4. OMG you are so lucky to be around such beautiful places, have such beautiful clothes, and be able to see such a talented singer as well! He was at Viva last year and he was amazing! You have the ultimate vintage girl's life :-)


    Veronica Vintage

    1. Thanks! Not everything is so perfect, you always show the best side on a blog :-)
      Yes, I was in VLV last year and we will see him again in less than 2 months again!

  5. hi! I just mentioned your blog here

    thanks for being such an inspiration! xx

  6. We've seen him a couple of times at Twinwood and his CD is on my car stereo now. He's great! Looks like you had a super, and of course stylish time.

  7. Oh so much fun:) I went to Strasborg many years ago. I can still remember sipping a lovely cafe au lait at a lovely sidewalk cafe. Such a lovely place:) I love seeing these great images of places near where you live. You also look very swank in your new retro coat. I hope you have great fun in Vegas! If you'd like any tips on other places to visit around the area, just shoot me an email (It might require renting a car:). But, I know you can spend just weeks being on the strip. You can check out Bonny and Clyde's actual car about 40 min by car in Primm Nevada but there isn' much there other than this:) There are also some amazing places in Utah.

  8. Wow, the architecture and history around you is just stunning. I wish I was there. Love your new coat,what a great find. You look so cute with your big hat bow!

  9. Such a beautiful, classically elegant winter ensemble. Your new vintage coat is a true gem. I adore the Persian wool cuffs and collar, the cute row of buttons just on the bodice, the colour - every last element.

    Wishing you both a marvelous Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. you look great in your outfit and i´m very jealous becaus of your pic with si :-)...<3 sabine

  11. Amazing city. You look gorgeous and I love Si Cranstoun, such a great musician :)


    The Marvelous World of Narcissa

  12. I havent' been yet but it looks like it was a lovely city. Your dress is so pretty-I loved how you wore a matching coat with it-super cute! xox

  13. Wow! You look fabulous in your vintage coat. Thank you so much for being such a great customer and for sharing this with me. I have never been to Strasbourgh but, after seeing these pictures and reading about all of the wonderful things there, I will add it to my bucket list.

    Thanks again,

  14. FUN!!! I love Si Cranstoun! It looks like a great night! That last picture is adorable!

  15. looks like you both had a lot of fun. i don't like Si Cranstoun's recordings too much, but i looove the concerts (on you tube). i mostly struggle with every nowadays recording of r'n'r & co. music ... the sound makes the difference. sadly i never saw si in a real concert.

    your new coat is amazing. it's sleaves are so adorable ... and i love your dress too!

  16. Fabulous coat and hat - looks lovely :)


  17. I love Si Cranstoun and cannot wait to see him at VLV16! I hope I will get to formally meet you at VLV as well.

    I have never been to Strasbourg but it looks so beautiful.

    Lovely new coat by the way. The wrist are divine.


  18. c'est trop bête on s'est loupés à Strasbourg !!! Je dînais avec des potes pendant ce concert, à quelques encablures seulement, mais je n'ai pas pu me libérer et après il était trop tard ! Ce sera pour la prochaine fois !
    Biz à vous 2 !