Sunday, February 10, 2013

Successfull FLEA MARKET !!!

So we went this week-end to our first flea market of the year!

It's not the best season for flea markets, it's so COLD outside!
But flea markets are like a drug... you never know what amazing things that you will see and even buy!!!

This portrait for example... Sylvain bought this same uniform many years ago but we had no idea from where it came!
Do you know what it is just behind me?
It's a sedan chair, I had never seen one in real life...
There are always incredible items in this monthly rendez-vous!
We fell in love with these 2 Club armchairs but unfortunatly their condition was quite bad.
Isn't it Santa Claus's sleigh? Probably from the XIXth century.
But prices are often high in this event...
Sylvain even found a 50's bike to make some sport!
But we could not come home empty hands... we will show you what we bought at the end of this post!
So a few words about our outfits...
Sylvain choose a 30's "gavroche" style!
For me an early 50's wool dress.
I made some B&W pictures from my husband and it turned pretty good I think.
I love their atmosphere, can be vintage pictures!
The black felt bows that I wear there are a recent purchase.
I thrift them last week about 20 NOS bows, probably made to decorate hat in the 40's!

But they can be worn as a brooch...
or hair clip!
I bought this dress from Etsy last year but never worn it... it's a bit too big...
That's the problem when you buy vintage clothes online, even with the same measurements one can fit and the other doesn't fit...

Another Etsy find is this purse! I love these kind of wickers most of the time made in Hong-Kong , they are the only vintage purse large enough to accomodate all thing a contemporary girl need!!!

Snood are always your good friend when you want to leave house really early!



Here are a few details of Sylvain's outfit: 40's winter jacket, 50's motorcycle pants, handknitted pullover... just dashing!


So I'm pretty sure you are dying to see what we bought!

I found 6 glasses from the 50's, still in their box! The seller told me they came from a transalantic compagny but I could find any informations about them on internet.

We also bought vintage barkclothes.

I found 2 vintage earrings sets, yellow ones are bakelite, red are plastic.
I also bought this embroidered top that I believe is from the 30's... but I tried it at home and it's unfortunatly too small... so I must sell it know, anyone interested?
And my last finds.... BAKELITE!!!! These bangles are quite hard to find in France and often pricey, I got those 6 for less than 20 euros, quite a good price.
When was your last flea market?
What were your recent finds?


  1. Great bakelite bangles! I have heard that there was a factory somewhere in the east of France with a still remaining dead stock... Could yours be from there?
    I which I could find blue and pink ones like you haver found! Remember to protect them from the light! to avoid colour changes!

  2. That flea market looks great. I have just discovered a thrift shop in Grenoble which has some great things (not many 50's things, but some very old items nevertheless). Your bakelite bangles were a real find, they cost a small forture on etsy!! By the way, I would be interested in your blouse, I am a size 36 bust (size 36-38 EUR). You can contact me by leaving a comment on my blog
    Also, I LOVED your TV episode. Your house is to die for!! And you and your husband are truly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing that with us!

  3. I love the bangles! And such a reasonable price!

  4. What a wonderful flea market, and what lovely things you bought, the bakelite bangles are great, and the colours are so beautiful. And I love the barcloth!
    We have one flea market close to us that is held every month, even in winter. And though I skip it when it is really too cold, last week I went and found a stack of 40ies knitting magazines. Now I only have to learn knitting, until then I will try the few crocheting patterns I discovered inside.

  5. Oh my that bakelite is just beautiful, and for such a great price! I have 14 or 16 bakelite bracelets, but as I'm sure you know, that is never enough bakelite for a vintage loving gal! I am now looking for more unique ones, such as a root beer one, ones with carving, unique shapes, etc. but they are just getting more and more expensive it seems! And I always get outbid on eBay. Maybe one day...*sigh*...

    And you both look the epitome of amazing, as usual :-)


    Veronica Vintage

  6. Love that blouse! Its beautiful. And great score with the bakelite! Can't beat that price!

  7. I always enjoy seeing photos of flea markets, especially ones in other countries. I'm a photographer and actually photograph all the flea markets in Chicago-- they've slowed down a little for the winter but we have 2 coming up next weekend :)

    Amazing outfits, you're lucky that your husband likes to wear vintage too! Lovely finds, I'm jealous of your armload of Bakelite!

  8. A sedan chair and a sleigh at the same flea market, oh my goodness, that is why I adore Europe!!! Seriously, it's mind-blowing the kind of incredible pieces one can find in (at some) flea markets there compared to your average Canadian offerings. I wouldn't rule out an old sleigh at one here, but I'd be willing to bet you could go to every flea market across the country for a decade and never see a sedan chair. Soooo cool to see on in your snaps!

    All of your finds are amazing! That is an exceptionally good price for Bakelite bangles these days. Congrats! I hope that the luck you guys had that day is a sign of how the rest of the flea markets you visit this year will pan out for you.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Good grief, that is the flea market to end all flea markets! A sleigh?? Naturally! I think those glasses are very beautiful, that was a great find. Your bag is so pretty!

  10. That barkcloth is beautiful!!! I am always on the hunt for good fabric.

  11. Wow, you totally scored with that bakelite!!! I wish we had more flea markets in London, but the ones that we do have are always too expensive, or just full of junk! I used to love going to the flea markets in the Bay Area...maybe we will have to make some European flea market excursions!

  12. I have almost the same top, I believe it's from the 40s, or late 30s :)
    I love that kind of light sheer tops !

    Funny fact : the sedan chair is often called a "vinaigrette" because people were shaken so hard inside !

  13. I really loved those flea market products which have been crafted nicely. I liked specially those 6 glasses. The paintings on the glasses are really nice and awesome. It’s true that no one knows what amazing things can be there in the flea market to buy. Thanks for sharing those flea products with us.


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