Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DINAN the medieval city....

I forgot to post these pictures....

so let's go back to Brittany!

We spent a morning in the beautiful city of Dinan.

We were there really early and could enjoy the streets before tourists arrived.

but the shoppes were even not openned...

I was a bit ill on that day...

and I think that you can guess that while looking on those pictures...

I look so tired!!!

But I was pleased to wear my new novelty PINK skirt...

Made from a 50's vintage fabric just for me!

It matched so well with my new ERSTWILDER flying pigglet!!!

He is so CUTE, get yours before it's sold out!

And have I ever mentionned that pigglet is the nickname Sylvain use for me?

That's why this brooch is even more special to me!

I really like how Sylvain's pictures turned out.

Sometime I'm an inspired photographer... sometime not...

Handsome details helps....

and Dinan is such a beautiful city...

It's a pleasure to walk around in its medieval streets!

A lot of things to see in every corners!

Look at these nice 50's stained glasses!!!
(probably remade after the WWII damages)

But our main goal for this trip was not tourism...

We were there to pick up our '59 Cadillac...

it spent a few weeks with other vintage mamas...

to get its body restored... it will be all done in a few more weeks... stay tuned!

Did you know DINAN ?
Do you also have a silly nickname ?

Petit retour en arrière vers notre escapade bretonne et notre visite de la ville de Dinan! Malgré un bon gros rhume, quel plaisir de flâner dans ces rues médiévales de bon matin avant l’afflux des touristes!!! Mais le tourisme n'étaient pas la raison principale de ce voyage... nous étions là pour récupérer notre Cadillac 1959 dont la restauration de la carrosserie à commencer... encore quelques semaines et elle retrouvera une nouvelle jeunesse....


  1. You two always manage to get the best photos! I love the contrast between the 1950s style outfits and the medieval setting - it really makes the think of old photos of couples on vacation. Really lovely.

  2. Aww Piglet is such a cute nickname!

    I love the photos with the tower and the river - what a stunning setting.

  3. What a gorgeous car!

    I have never been to Brittany, but I do have distant family there (Lorient/Belon river area), so I keep saying we should go there one day. It looks so lovely.

  4. Aww, that is an adorable nickname! Tony and I have tons and tons of nicknames for each others (as well as both of our pets, too), with two of my main ones for him being "Bunny" and "Panda" (because he's as cute and cuddly as both those critters).

    I'm sorry that you weren't feeling well while on holiday. I know what that's like and hope that you were still able to have a pleasant time, despite being unwell.

    Wonderful outfit, both of you. It's so fun to see novelty prints represented in each of your awesome ensembles.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  5. Brittany is definitely on my wish list of places to visit, such interesting history. Thank you for introducing us to this lovely city.

  6. C'est Dommage, tu aurais du me dire que tu passais dans le coin, on habite à 20 min de Dinan, on aurait pu aller boire un café. Une prochaine fois peut-être....

  7. What a fantastic skirt! I love your cardigan and box purse too. How many purses do you own? And do tell and show more about your cars. I love vintage cars. My mechanic husband has just renovated mine, it was ten years ago it was totally renovated so some rust and other mechanic things had to be made. Have a lovely weekend, both of you. :)

  8. Oh la la ♪♪! trés bien coordinés comme toujours :-) Je ne connais pas la ville de Dinan, mais c'est interesant de voir que vous l'avez visité avant l'arrivé des touristes.
    J'adore la color rose, pour ça, toutes les choses qui ont cette color la sont belles pour moi. Ta jupe magnifique, et aussi ton mari, toujours si elegant.
    J'espère votre voiture va bien revenir chez vous, avec une petite manicure :-)
    J'ai aussi 2 voitures classiques et il faut s'en occupper de elles :-)
    Passez une bonne semaine :-)
    Eva (from Luxembourg/Germany).

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