Sunday, May 29, 2016

Vintage COWGIRL !!!!

We have been wearing clothes from the same era for more than 15 years...

Do I feel bored?

Not at all!!!!

People always have the same clichés about the 50's...

Huge petticoats and polka dots dresses!

But mid century fashion is SO much more!

Between the 40's to the early 60's, you can find so many different styles.

You can be elegant in a suit, 

casual while just wearing jeans...

traditional outfits can be also great (hawaiian, mexican, western, bavarian, sweedish, chineese....),

 novelty bring fun!

I'm trying to experience some new things to create my own style.

I have always love vintage western fashion.

But all those flat front pants are definitively not designed for my curves...

So here is MY version of a vintage cowgirl!

I was inspired by these vintage boots that I found in the Rose Bowl flea market last april.

They are not from the 40's as not square toes,

but I thought they were pretty cool... all handmade!

I paired them with my vintage square dance skirt.

It was so poorly made when I bought it...

fortunatly Debora from The Black Pinafore helped me to restore it!

I chose that vintage tooled purse for another western touch.

I even wore touches of orange... the color I hate the most...

Paired with brown, green and yellow, why not?

Brooch are from one of my favorite brand Belle Lurette (2 talented french girls)!

I think this outfit was a success,

so I believe I will experience a bit more the western wear this year!

It's always so much fun to build an outfit.

I'm happy that my hubby feels the same way!

Men have less accessories than women...

but he always manage to find some fun things to match together!

Like me he likes colorful outfits...

When we look at people in the streets,

we can see only dark colors...


so few people dare to wear bright ones,

what a pity!

Life is SO much fun in TECHNICOLOR!!!!

Do you experience some different styles in vintage?
Have you ever noticed how dark in modern fashion?

Beaucoup de gens pensent que cela doit être ennuyeux de s'habiller dans la même époque depuis des années... mais je ne ressens pas du tout les choses ainsi! La mode milieu XXe est tellement riche si on s'éloigne du cliché robes à pois! Classe en tailleur, à l'aise en jeans, la mode n'était pas encore internationale comme aujourd'hui, on peut trouver l'inspiration à travers le monde: Mexique, Tyrol, Hawaii, Midwest, Asie.... Bref, loin de trouver cela ennuyeux, je prends un grand plaisir à construire mes tenues! Voici mon expérience du jour, ma version de la vintage Cowgirl! Avec mon mari, on fait souvent le constat que la mode moderne est si triste, rien qu'en regardant dans la rue, vous pourrez faire le constat d'une grisaille ambiante... le noir a gagné la bataille! Mais la vie est tellement plus belle en TECHNICOLOR, n'est-ce pas?
- Bon Dimanche et à bientôt! -


  1. Modern clothes bore me, as does shopping for them. I love the thrill of building an outfit, one year I find the skirt, 6 months later the perfect belt, etc. Always a pleasure to read your blog.

  2. Beautiful outfit ;) and thanks very much for giving me mentioned =)=)=)

  3. I live in the Southwest US and love to wear cowgirl vintage; clothes similar to what my grandmother wore. For you I would like to suggest looking into what are today called patio dresses. They are usually actually two pieces, a gathered skirt and matching top trimmed in yards and yards of ric rac. As an interesting historical note, this style was originally called a squaw dress, and was based on outfits worn by Native American women from tribes such as the Navajo. The women of my family wore this style often in the fifties, and with great respect for its origins, because the style is cool, yet provides coverage from the sun, and is suitable for an active lifestyle. It was worn with cowboy boots or with moccasins. The word squaw is no longer used as it has negative associations, but many of these lovely outfits can be found in online marketplaces using the term patio dress. You might also enjoy looking at square dancing outfits, full skirted western dance wear. You look lovely in your boots, and I adore that purse!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I have already a few patio sets or dresses and I love them, they look great and are really comfy!!!

  4. You are both dressed impeccably again. xxx

  5. J'adore!!!! what else ? J'adore!!!

  6. You are both absolute master accessorizers and colour coordinators. Your outfits always shine with well thought out attention to detail and show a deep skill for the time honoured art of not just dressing, but in creating whole ensembles that shine like the stars that they are.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Normally, I'm not a fan of western style, but you look adorable. I really love all the colours you have combined. And Sylvain and his always perfect choice of tie is charming as always. Have a nice day, both of you. :)

  8. Je suis bien d'accord avez vous, la mode modern est nuyeusse :-(
    Je m'habilles aussi differement, mais classique (sur tout pour aller au boulot). Pour moi, ma reference est Audrey Hepburn.
    Je ne suis pas trop fan de la mode western mais tu est très jolie et comme toujours ton mari bien elegant.
    Passez une bonne semaine :-)
    Eva (from Luxembourg/Germany)

    1. Eva, vas-tu aux marchés aux puces dans la région? On pourrait peut-être s'y rencontrer? Tu peux me contacter à

  9. Both outfits are gorgeous. I love the skirt. Deborah is do great. Mid century fashion has so much variety

  10. I agree so much about the clichés - I am so fed up with big flouncy petticoats showing under loud almost fluorescent polka dot dresses. There is so much more, and many more authentic looks to create. This outfit is wonderful - that skirt! I am still looking for some cowboy boots of my own x

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