Tuesday, May 10, 2016


After our 3 weeks in the USA, we are again on the road!

Sorry but I'm not planning any posts about that US trip...

too busy to enjoy our vacations... no time for photo shoot!

You can see a few pictures on our Instagram page.

So last week-end was a 4 days one in France...

perfect for a small trip in our beautiful country!

After a small stop in Paris, we went to west...

to Normandy first with a visit of Mont Saint Michel!

The weather was just so perfect... almost summer...

but SO windy by the seaside!!!

It's not just for the photos that I was holding my hat....

not the best idea I have ever had to wear this large hat!

The Mont Saint Michel is one of the most visited place in France.

Sylvain and I went there in our childhood but never came back.

The outside of the Mont has changed a lot since the 80's.

The Mont was in danger because of what men built around during the XXth century (roads, parkings...)

all these were destroyed a few years ago and the Mont is now a island again!

Everything is so charming in there....

My huby chose a bright coral 50's shirt for that beautiful day!

Why not a Palms 40's tie?

Looking dapper, isn't he?

For me a comfortable 50's outfit...

I would prefer some nice red high heels shoes...

but flats were a must wear to walk all day long!

I love that 50's vegetables skirt!

I found those NOS 50's sunglasses in Las Vegas,

was pretty proud about that find!


The tag said "true gold glitters"!!!

What do you think about my Joséphine Baker brooch?

It is a Marie-Christine Pavone creation.

We really enjoyed our visit...

it was perhaps a little bit too crowdy...

that's why we decided to come back to our car by walk instead of in a shuttle.

We decovered than a ghost 50's motel...

Rooms where SO TINY!!!

We finished the day in the city Saint-Malo.

I finally dropped off my hat...

too much wind!

Saint-Malo is also a really beautiful city.

We enjoyed there a wonderful diner with homemade crêpes...
 THE speciality of french Britain!!!

Have you ever been to the Mont Saint Michel or Saint-Malo?
Do you like french crêpes?

A peine revenus de notre périple américain que nous voici déjà sur les routes de notre beau pays! Comment ne pas avoir envie d'aventures avec un long week-end et ce temps estival?
Direction plein Est vers la Bretagne! Nous n'y étions pas retournés depuis notre enfance... Premier arrêt au superbe Mont Saint Michel et une soirée dans les remparts de Saint-Malo... un dîner dans une crêperie familiale clôtura cette mémorable journée!!!
- A bientôt -


  1. I love seeing your adventures. I particularly loved this post as St Michel is one of my most favorite places in the world. I have dreams of returning often. Please keep sharing your wonderful vintage world. You are truly an inspiration.

  2. Wonderful! I've always wanted to go there.

  3. Lovely photos, and you are both dressed immaculately as always. xxx

  4. The sweater is absolutely fabulous! A Josephine Baker Brooch! Too good to be true!

  5. I love that skirt and color combo! Amazing ;)

  6. What a lovely day. And what a charming skirt! And your sunnies are to die for. Sylvain is very handsome as always, I love men who aren't afraid of colours. Have a great weekend. :)

  7. Fabulous outfits, guys! I'm head-over-heels in love with your awesome novelty print skirt. That is such a smile inducing charmer! :)

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. oh là-là! Je ne connais pas Saint Michel mais Saint Malo, oui! mais le vent là-bas est toujours si fort que c'est presque impossible d'avoir un chapeau. Les photos sont magnifiques et vous toujours très bien coordinés. Vous faites bien en profitant du voyages! Eva (Luxembourg/Germany)

  9. French Britain ??? I guess you mean Brittany.

  10. I always love seeing your wonderful clothing choices. You both are so very chic!Your lifestyle choice is an inspiration to dress in a way that compliments you and your interests.

  11. I always love seeing your wonderful clothing choices. You both are so very chic!Your lifestyle choice is an inspiration to dress in a way that compliments you and your interests.