Sunday, May 15, 2016

Going to SUPERMARKET....

People who are seing us for the first time always ask:

"Is it a special day? Why are you dressed like that?

It's hard to believe for them that we are like that all year long...

So here is for example of what we wore to go to supermarket this week.

Yes, it can look a little bit overdressed...

But life is short, so wear what you like, when you want!

Of course, it was a bit hard at the beginning to deal with these glances and questions...

Sometimes I even forget that I'm wearing something different,

it's just that I'm ease like that...

We were in Paris last week-end...

I could not wait to wear my new flea market find!

This beautiful 50's floral dress!

Perfect match with my new Miss L Fire shoes...

I visited their store in Los Angeles last month and brought back a few pairs!

This model is just so nice and comfy that I'm dreaming to have it in every colors!!!

Yellow is quite a hard color to wear for a blonde,

but why not a few yellow accessories?

Sometime, an outfit can be quite plain...

but add a 20's hat,

funky vintage jewelery,

and smart shoes...

and we have a really dapper guy!!!!

I can understand why people stare at us all the time...

Most of the time, they are really kind,

but unlike Sylvain who likes to explain our life style, I feel quite bothered about that...

Do you wear your vintage only in special occasions?
Do you like when people ask you why you are wearing that?

Les personnes qui nous rencontrent pour la première fois nous demandent souvent: "Y a-t-il quelque chose de spécial aujourd'hui?".... euh, non, c'est juste nos habits de tous les jours... cela leur parait souvent un peu dur à comprendre... Mais bon, la vie est trop courte pour ne pas porter ce que l'on veut, quand on veut! Nous pourrions peut-être paraître un peu trop classes pour aller faire les courses ainsi vêtus, mais c'est pourtant ainsi que nous étions cette semaine. Je vous laisse profiter des détails en photos!
- Bon week-end prolongé -


  1. Goodness is that true! I encounter that almost every time I leave the house. I find that there's usually two very distinct reactions from people when you tell them that you dress in vintage all the time: they either seem enthralled and enchanted by the idea, or look at me like bats are flying out of my ears. I'm not phased by the latter and appreciate the former. Wearing vintage brings me unbridled joy and I couldn't imagine not sporting it, so folks can think as they please. I'm sure that as a vintage sporting couple (2 x the uniqueness to most folks) you encounter such remarks all the more and I commend you for not letting them get to you either.

    Super lovely outfits! The red in each harmonize so beautifully and seem so well suited to May and the abundance of flowers in this shade (from roses to tulips) that are appearing once more.

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. LIFE IS TOO SHORT! I love it. <3 <3 <3

  3. I agree life is too short..we should celebrate our love of fashion! I find that when people make comment it is usually to say how lovely my outfit is. I am not typically asked about where I am going or why I dress as I do which I can only imagine may be tiresome on a regular basis. Likewise I always take time to say how wonderful someone looks when I see a person who has obviously put a lot of thought and effort into their outfit. You both look divine!

  4. Lovely pictures and outfits, once again. I can imagine you two creating quite a stir in the supermarket! xxx

  5. You both look so splendid here! I absolutely agree whole-heartedly that life is too short, and that we should wear what we want! I mostly get kind reactions to what I wear, but I did get some teenagers laughing at me on the weekend. They don't know what they're missing xx

  6. Oui! je suis bien d'accord avec vous, la vie est trop courte! je m'habilles un petit peu plus simple que vous mais toujours classique. La plus part me regardent avec curiousité mais c'est tout. Il y a toujours quelque une qui me demmande où j'ai acheté ça, ou ça?. Bon, de fois c'est mieux ne dire "second hand shop" car les gens à Luxembourg sont pas habitues, donc que je dis, à Dublin ou London (c'est vrai aussi). Restez toujours comme vous etez, vrais à vous même. Eva (Luxembourg/Germany)

  7. You two are so elegant. And I'm glad you followed Sylvain to the supermarket. I wouldn't dare sending him alone, he is such a dish and might get kidnapped. :) I love your yellow accessories and "new" dress. And I adore the shoe photo. Wishing you both a lovely day. :)

  8. Next time you are getting dressed, put this on as well!! Makes it feel all the more romantic! ;)

  9. I like the yellow shoes and the yellow bag. They match so well.

  10. I get a lot of looks but not too many comments. I'm definitely recognizes around my neighborhood now. U look amazing