Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Autumn LEAVES.....

Now that Halloween is past, we have just to wait for Xmas...

but there are still some days left to enjoy autum leaves before winter!

Days are becoming shorter...

we have less and less light,

watching at these pictures, I feel that their colors are quite sad!

That was the outfits we wore for one of the last flea markets of the year...

One more reason to be not fan of this period of the year.

To give me a little joy... 
what was better than a new vintage skirt???

When I saw this print on Etsy, I thought...

"what will be more perfect than this pattern for fall?"

Matched the autumn leaves perfectly!

Sylvain also chose some autumnal colors for his outfit.

Don't know why but colorful vintage men shirts are quite hard to find...

so this pinkish one is quite an exception in my husband wardrobe.

For once, he's wearing here a late 60's jacket...

but really 30's inspired...

with a belted back!

When colder times are coming...

the biggest problem is what to wear on an outfit to be warm without ruining it!

Here I chose a late 40's jacket...

I lighten the upper picture to show your its great details!

It really gave a NEW LOOK silhouette!!!

1945-1955 is really my favorite era for fashion.

I added this vintage acorns brooch found in a flea market years ago.

I love skirts but it's often harder  than a dress to match everything...

Snood are my favorites when I don't have time to do a special hair style...

and flea markets means no time, you have to be early birds to catch the best bargains!!!!

 Do you like this period of the year
or do you feel a bit sad like me?
What in your favorite era for fashion?

Et voilà, Halloween est passé, nous voici en route pour Noël... encore quelques semaines de feuilles mortes et nous y serons! Cette saison me file toujours un peu le bourdon... les journées raccourcissent, tout parait triste et pour ne rien arranger, c'est la fin de la saison des marchés aux puces! Bref rien de mieux qu'une nouvelle jupe vintage pour se remonter un peu le moral... une silhouette très NEW LOOK comme je les aime, ma période préférée est définitivement 1945-1955 en matière de mode! Et vous?
Syvain a opté pour une tenue très 30's, même si cette veste est en fait 60's... la mode est un éternelle recommencement!
- Amicalement -


  1. to be warm and not ruin an outfit! oh yeah, this is the biggest frustration in the cold season .... i own two warm new look jackets/blazers that would go quite good with a lot of looks - but both are stinky. old sweat! era sweat! i tried several things now: dry cleaning, washing by hand, even washing in the mashine, spraying wodka ... still smelly, no really stinky! ... i was so happy when i found them ... but now i have to go back to not knowing how to survive the season without being unhappy when i'm dressed warm. ;)

  2. oh, i totally forgot! you both look wonderful as always ... your new skirt has the perfect print and colour combo for autumn. i love it!

    1. You know this jacket was really dammaged when I got it, I restored it but there are a lot of large stains inside, but fortunatly no bad smell.... those 40s european clothes were just worn, worn and worn... no dry cleaning at that time and people were just too poor to have many other jackets... that's why they are so hard to find in good condition!

  3. I never managed to be an early bird on a fleamarket... but when I see all your finds, I better should :)) love the sweet brooch... xxx

  4. Quelles magnifiques photos! Comme d'hab vous êtes super-élégants tous les deux, et avec ce cadre est très beau. Cette tenue vous va à merveille, je trouve l'imprimé de le jupe magnifique, et vos accessoires sont géniaux! Superbe tenue automnale!
    Moi j'adore l'automne, ses couleurs, la joie de refaire des feux de cheminée, les chocolats chauds,...et la possibilité de ressortir les tenues de mi-saison que je préfère! Ça compense la fin des foires à tout, les journées qui raccourcissent et le temps quelquefois très...humide!

  5. That jacket looks beautiful on you and you can winterise it even more with fur collar and fur wrist warmers as the season progresses. I always wanted a great 1940s jacket, but, alas, my shoulders are just too narrow to pull it off!

  6. Dear Laurence and Sylvain,
    Don't be sad about the weather, I personally think some of your best post and outfits have been in the winter. I'm ready for cooler weather, I want to wear my sweaters and hats. Laurence, bravo to you for restoring such a lovely jacket. The detail on the pocket is beautiful. It warms my heart when someone sees the potential in a discarded/old item and takes the time to restore it. You've given it another life and it couldn't be in better hands. I'm looking forward to your winter post. XOXO LisaO

  7. Laurence your jacket is simply gorgeous!! And It's good to know you lovingly restored it to such a good state, that always makes me happy to read.

    I feel bit sad sometimes, but living in Southern California, it's not so bad weather wise. The nights are super super cold for me though, so I invested in a hot water bottle.

  8. I adore your outfit. That skirt is fabulous. The picture where it matches the leaves, SO lovely. The jacket gives you such a great figure, do wear it often, it really becomes you. I always love how you accessorise your outfits. Sylvain is a looking darling as always. I wish he could meet my husband and persuade him into vintage too. Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year, and blend in perfectly. :)

  9. Ooohh, such strikingly lovely ensembles! You're fortunate to be enjoying autumn still. Here we're currently sitting at -11C and though it isn't snowing yet, I suspect will get our first fall any day now and with it, for all intents, the sudden demise of my favourite season (autumn).

    May I just say how much I adore the pairing of a blazer and circle skirt like this. I wear the same kind of combo in the colder months myself (okay, and sometimes in the warm ones, too :)) and just adore the nod it gives to the classic Bar Suit style silhouette.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. Hey there!

    You two are autumn-proof. :)
    Everything is suitable, your clothes and the fallen leaves, and the brooch.. oh: and the tie-pin on your husband's tie.. amazing.
    I love this time of year.
    Even the mud I step in - because all of it (the moist in the air, the leaves on the ground, the beep burgundy color around me) - all of it is changing.. and changes are good.


  11. This is a lovely outfit and rather different. Love the details on the jacket. Very inspiring!

  12. Beautiful lady Laurence, and your handsome husband: Thank you for showcasing such magnificent, thoughtfully considered costuming.