Thursday, November 6, 2014

Last minutes COSTUMES !!!

We didn't plan to celebrate Halloween this year...

but we finally planned a last minute party with friends.

So we had only 2 days to find costumes!

Really not easy when you don't want to wear cheap ones from supermarkets....

It really takes time to find good vintage inspired costumes...

but we had no time!

 and as Halloween is not really popular here it's even harder to find nice accessories!

I found first an idea for Sylvain: the joker!

Yes, it's his real hair....

Some flashy, bad taste accessories...

Some make-up and hairspray...

and we had a joker directly out of 40's comics!!!!

It was a bit more difficult to find something for me...

In fact a few hours before the party I had still no idea...

so with a last minute inspiration,
I became a ghost lady from the 40's...

All in black and white...

Some dark make-up...

A few bugs....

and a lot of spider webs!!!!

For last minutes costumes, they were not that bad.

We really were our characters.... BAD!

Our costumes matched in era afterall...

We spent a really nice evening with friends.

Everybody had nice costumes.

We had a lot of fun!!!

The food was also Halloween inspired...

Yummy pumpkin soup...

and crazy bloody pasta! 

It's always so fun to wear a costume....

that's probably why we chose many years ago to be costumed every day... this is certainly what most people who don't know us think about our everyday outfits!!!!

Did you celebrate Halloween this year?
What was your costume?

Et oui, c'était Halloween il y a quelques jours! Nous n'avions en rien prévu de le fêter cette année... il faut dire que depuis quelques années, on le fête de moins en moins par chez nous! Mais voilà, une invitation de dernière minute et il a bien fallu se creuser les méninges pour trouver des costumes qui nous ressemblent... donc vintage! Voilà ce que nous avons imaginé en quelques heures... finalement pas si mal pour de l'impro! En tout cas, nous nous sommes bien amusés entre amis. C'est toujours très fun de se déguiser... c'est probablement pour cela que l'on a choisi il y a quelques années de se costumer tous les jours... c'est du moins la remarque que nous font la plupart des gens qui ne nous connaissent pas quand ils nous croisent dans la rue "Sympas vos costumes!"... ce qui a le don de nous irriter un peu!
Et vous, avez-vous sortis les citrouilles et quel a été votre déguisement?
- A+ -


  1. Hahaha! Pas mal pour du dernière minute!

  2. Both of you look amazing! And Sylvain really looks like he got into the Joker costume he was wearing LOL!

    I hope you had a great Halloween and thanks for sharing with us! :-)

    Veronica Vintage

  3. Moi je les trouve vraiment top vos costumes!

  4. You did really well for last minute costumes, you both look amazing!

  5. You both look great! They do not look like last minute costumes.

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  7. Génial, vous êtes super tous les deux!
    Chez nous aussi ça a été du dernière minute et en plus nous étions en vacances loin de notre penderie! Dur mais très stimulant pour l'imagination!
    encore bravo!
    (Le type avec le crâne ouvert est mortel! c'est le cas de le dire! ;-P )

  8. Eh bien pour du costume de dernière minute vous vous en êtes parfaitement sortis, félicitations !
    Vos deux tenues sont du plus bel effet, bravo !

  9. Wonderful costumes! I love that you remained vintage even when in character! Also love the presentation of the pasta! :)

  10. This is the best Joker I've ever seen. I'm sure he was very scary. And your ghost lady costume is really good too, especially considering it was a last minute outfit. Have a nice weekend. :)

  11. Oh my goodness, you both look sensational!!! That is, hands down, one of the best Joker costumers I've ever seen. One would never have guessed these were last minute disguises for you guys. Awesome work, both of you!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  12. These are awesome costumes! I also love that you were still inspired by vintage in your costumes. Well done!

  13. Waw malgré la manque du temps vous avez pensé a chaque détail, vos déguisements sont a couper le souffle!

  14. You both look great, but I think Sylvain's hair is definitely the best bit. He must have had trouble getting it back to normal the next day!

    I didn't dress up for Halloween, but I baked a Halloween cake for work - this year I did a Martian cake.