Thursday, November 27, 2014


I don't know if I have ever mentionned it in this blog but Sylvain and I really LOVE animals.

But as we have both a full time job and like to travel a lot...
it's not easy to have one at home!

So when I discovered the brand ERSTWILDER 2 years ago,
 I really felt that I found the perfect animals to be with!

As a huge part of my vintage costume jewels are made of plastic, lucite and bakelite, Erstwilder creations match perfectly!

I have quite a full collection of these cute pets...
that I wanted to share with you!

and I also asked to Erstwilder if they would agree to answer a few questions because I was quite curious about their brand.

How all started for Ertswilder ? 

"Erstwilder began when, one day in the studio, our head designer Louisa did a few really quirky sketches of animals, and we instantly fell in love with them. We launched a very small range initially with just a handful of designs, but it was a huge success. Luckily there were many people who fell in love too!"

In which year? Why the name “Erstwilder”?

"It all started in 2011, originally the name was actually "Erstwhile" - which refers to a time in the past - but we thought that it didn't quite capture the 'wildness' of the designs, so the natural progression lead us to "Erstwilder"

What was the first design ever produced? 
Can you show pictures of the early designs? 

"The first few designs were created at the same time. It's difficult to recall which was the first one that came out when the pencil hit the paper. But here are a few of examples of our first creations back in 2011."

And what about now? How many people work for the brand?Where is it based
Are all brooches made in Australia?

 "Erstwilder is base in Melbourne, Australia. We now have a team of 6 working for the label including a team of 3 designers. All of our products are designed here in Melbourne and made overseas across India, China and Hong Kong."

How many models do you create for one collection? 
"It can vary but generally we release around 80 designs in a collection."

Your designs are limited, how many pieces do you create for one design? If a model is really successful, is it possible to make more of it? 

"We orginally created 300 of each design for sale in Australia, but with our global expansion we have decided to create 100 for international markets, a total of 400. To maintain the limited nature of the product we do not re-order. It is a tough call where styles are very popular and still in high demand but it is important for our brand and equally for our collectors to remain true to this. But, the most popular styles often come back 'refreshed' with a new theme, pattern or colour."

How do you find inspiration to create these beauties? 
Can you share some sketches of your new designs? 

"Our inspiration comes from a wide range of sources. We're constantly exploring themes of nature (animals and plants), vintage and rockabilly motifs, childhood memories and stories and so on. As for sharing new designs... okay, we'll give you a sneak peak at some early design sketches to give you an idea of what's coming as part of our 'American Diner' range for the Autumn 2015 collection. We hope you and your readers like them!"

Do you often consult your fans to find new ideas or names for you cute characters? 
Are you often planning giveaway for your followers? 

"Oh yes! A significant part of our inspiration now also comes from our fans. The images and stories they share with us everyday on Facebook, Instagram and through email provide an endless supply of wonderful ideas for us to build on. We love our community online and will be leaning on them more and more to play a part in the design and story of our products. Everyone loves a giveaway - including us! We just ran one recently for Halloween 2014 and have something else in the pipeline for December so we invite everyone to join us on Instagram and Facebook and be the first to know about it!"

I’m a vintage addict and I think that a huge part of your fans love vintage and retro style, are you inspired by this vintage community to create? 
"Absolutely! It's such a fun, lively and exciting community and a vital part of our personality as a label too."

Your brooches are all handmade, how many time is needed to create one? Can you tell us more about the material you use? 
"There are actually a number of processes involved in creating our products - brooches, necklaces or earrings. The designs are created from layers of resin which need to be laser cut first, then all assembly and painting of the detail is done by hand. Each product take around 3 hours to produce."

When I discovered your brand many years ago, it was sold only in Australia and now I see some stockists in the USA, in the UK and Japan. Are you still working to add some more stockists to the list? Perhaps one in France? 

"We are always looking for great new stockists around the world. Right now we're focused on finding like-minded, quirky, and vintage-inspired retailers in the US and Europe. If you know of any stores in France that you think Erstwilder would look just perfect in, be sure to let us know Laurence!"

So if you have a shop and want to be a stockist of ERSTWILDER,
 just contact them here!

I wanted also to answer to many of you who wanted to buy these so CUTE brooches but didn't know how to purchase them.

If you are searching for a special design, feel free to contact them at: 

But you can also directly contact their closest stockist HERE.
Some even offer free shipping!

So you know what to ask to Santa Claus this year...

it can be also a good idea for a present!

I'm hopping that my collection will grow for Xmas!!!!

Will you put a few ERSTWILDER designs on your Xmas wishing list?
Do you want to share your own collection with me?

Sylvain et moi sommes vraiment fous d'animaux, mais pas facile d'en avoir à la maison quand on travaille à plein temps et qu'on aime beaucoup voyager! J'ai trouvé le parfait substitut avec les créations ERSTWILDER, des tas de broches plus mignonnes les unes que les autres! Bref, cette marque très rétro m'a fait le privilège de répondre à quelques questions... donc utiliser google.translate pour en savoir plus. Bonne idée cadeau pour Noël ou comme moi vous pouvez en ajouter quelques unes sur votre liste au Père Noël!!!
- J-25...-


  1. Oh that puppy brooch at top is so adorable! And your entire collection is so lovely!! Thank you so much for sharing your love of Erstwilder, Laurence!
    I need to start a brooch collection. I am starting one of charm bracelets, though!

    1. Yes, I love charm bracelet, I have just bought a Xmas one! I like to wear just a bracelet and a brooch!

    2. Yes! I recently saw your Xmas one on Instagram!! It is very lovely, I think I'll maybe post about my small collection in the new year.

  2. ROOHH! je suis jalouse de votre collection! ;-)
    Vos photos sont géniales, elles mettent parfaitement en valeur les broches! Super-associations! Bravo!
    Allez,je rajoute une ligne sur ma liste au père Noël!

  3. Love these! They are so detailed and I love the 3D effect. You have a wonderful collection of these marvelous brooches.

  4. Your collection is nothing short of sensational!!! I'm a huge animal lover, too (I have been for my entire life) and would so adore the chance to add one of these darling plastic critters to my wardrobe some day as well. Fantastic, very enjoyable post and interview, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. En tant que fan de broches , j'adore !! Les broches ERSTWILDER me font penser un peu à celles de Lea Stein .

    1. Oui, c'est en cherchant des Léa Stein que j'ai découvert Erstwilder il y a 2 ans. Elles sont bien moins chères et souvent plus créatives je trouve.

  6. These are absolutely adorable!!

  7. C'est vrai que tu as une belle collection !!!
    Super de les avoir présentées individuellement en prenant soin de les assortir avec un tissu, un collier, bracelet ou des b.o., c'est très chouette !
    Bises ;-)

  8. Are all those brooches really yours? What a fabulous collection, and a really interesting interview. I simply have to own the milkshake when it is launched. :)

  9. un zoo merveilleux! et très belles photos, merci pour ce post!

  10. I own two of their brooches, I bought them I was in Australia a few months ago. I have a platypus and a bird (I forgot which one!) and wear them at least once a week. Thank you for the links, I can see about adding to my collection!

  11. I love these! I've never been a big fan of bakelite. But while these are a similar material, the animal themes have so much more personality than the plain bakelite bangles. I would love to get one, or more!