Wednesday, November 19, 2014

LOST IN THE 30's....

We recently went to Brussels for some vintage shopping...

we found a lot of great stuff!

But I wanted to share with you one of my flea market find.

I found a few vintage catalogs from the 30's...

to be more accurate from 1933 and 1936.

It's quite rare to find these kind of pre-WWII magazines.

In Europe, most of the 30's ones were quite cheap...

or not focused only on fashion.

On those I found, only beautiful fashion drawings!

I have not many clothes from the 30's...

even if it's not my favorite era to wear,

I think it's the decade of elegance!

I wanted to show you quite a lot of pictures...

because I was just so impressed with each page!!!

Look at all those beautiful coats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mid 30's is definitively for slim and tall gals...

I really like fashion history from 1800 to 1970.

Nothing can be more accurate than vintage magazines.

You can see evening wear...

wedding gowns...

and much more casual styles!

I like to think about how would fashion have evolved if WWII never happened.

Probably the New Look would never have been created...

What? No petticoats in the 50's????!!!!

30's fashion have such beautiful details.

Simple lines but so well structured!

The last era where parasols were popular!

I have one from the 30's but in poor condition...

would love to retore it or find some more with great designs!

30's evening gowns are just classics...

making me dream about those Hollywood legends!

I really cannot believe how beautiful are those magazines!

All of them for 3 euros...

that was a real bargain!

I have a lot of 40's-50's magazines...

but they are taking so much space...

I'm now trying to buy only the most luxurious ones...

or the ones with patterns inside.

Even if some Haute Couture outfits can be breathless...

I'm prefering everyday fashion...

Outfits for all kind of situations from opera coats to beach playsuits!!!

Do you collect vintage magazines?
How do you think 50's fashion would have looked with no WWII?

Après une petite journée de shopping vintage à Bruxelles, nous sommes revenus les bras chargés de merveilles en tout genre! Je tenais à partager avec vous une de mes trouvailles... un lot de magazines 30's de toute beauté, ce qui est plutôt rare pour cette époque... en général, le papier est assez cheap et l'on apprécie sur 10 pages un belle tenue entre une recette de ragoût et une histoire à l'eau de rose. Ici, rien de tel, que de superbes planches qui font revivre l'élégance des années 30! Même si je ne porte que peu de robes 30's, je reconnais que l’esthétique de cette décennie est juste magnifique avec des détails incroyables! En regardant ces témoignages d'avant guerre, je ne peux m’empêcher de penser à ce qu'aurait pu être la mode des 50's sans la guerre... probablement sans jupons! Et vous, vous en pensez quoi?
- A bientôt -


  1. So many beautiful pictures, it's difficult to choose a favourite! XxX

  2. Ouf... Il y a des détails là dedans! Merci de partager, c'est magnifique.

  3. These are all so yummy! :D I'd wear any of these!

  4. What exquisite illustrations!

    I think it's interesting that each decade seemed to have it's own preferred style for illustrating fashion and beauty. If somehow the clothing and hair-dos were erased, you could still tell these are from the 30s due to the way the faces and figures are drawn.

  5. Dear Laurence,
    Interesting fashion question. It's hard to gage how fashion would've looked without the war. I know women were ready to wear something new and glamorous because of having to ration/recycle garments for years during the war. Perhaps, the skirts would not have been quiet so full. I've read that 50's fashion was met with some resistance because the extra fabric needed to make full skirts seemed wasteful and frivolous. Women did eventually give in...Imagine the 50s without Dior's "New Look".
    That's my 2 cents. XOXO LisaO

  6. Those are some fabulous illustrations so many inspirations. I'd love a wardrobe full of these creations. I'm still looking for a great pair of beach pajamas. I love the pant silhouette of the late 30s. So lovely. You are right about details and craftsmanship. They really thought about the grain of the fabric and fluidity. Just lovely!

  7. Wow, all this for 3€, you are very lucky! Amazing dresses and outfits, thank you for posting all these.
    I do own some Fashion magazines and books from the 1870ies to the 70ies, but as you say, they do need space and money, so I limit myself to those with Patterns inside as long as they are not older than 1930ies.

  8. the illustrations are so well made - worth to frame it! xxx

  9. Such lovely illustrations, thanks for sharing with us! I do love the 1930s silhouette even though I don't dress in that era.

  10. oui! yes, i collect fashion magazines as if i find them cheap. sadly it got quite hard to find them on flea markets anymore and spending 30€ on one mag on ebay is nothing i can afford ...
    so thank you for sharing this treasure!!!

  11. Beautiful pictures!!! I have some magazines from the 20's (just have one from the 20's) to the 70's, BUT my favorites are the ones from the 40's, some of them have patterns, all my magazines are mexican but they used to show a lot of american famous people

  12. You're the second blogger I follow to share some show-stopping images from the 30s! And they are all so swoon worthy! It makes me want some items in my own closet!

    As for the 50s without WWII, I think we may have seen shorter hemlines sooner. I feel like I recall reading that full skirts were about to be in right before the war hit, but then when it happened, fabric became rationed, and thus slimmer skirts, and then when the war was over people reveled in using an abundance of fabric, then as time went on, people grew tired of it, and we started to see the hemlines go up as we crept into the 60s.

  13. Oooohh, I swear, I felt like my vintage loving heart skipped a few beats as I scrolled through these marvelous 1930s images. They're such a good cross section of looks from the era and appeal to me immensely, even though I very rarely wear 30s styles (I don't have the lanky figure that suits them best). Thank you for sharing these eighty year old treasures with us, dear gal - it really was a sincere joy to see them!

    ♥ Jessica

  14. It's not true you have to be excessively thin or extra tall to wear 30s...I'm neither! The clothing designs and hem lengths were meant to create that effect (bias cut). Anyway, thanks for sharing these. My favourite fashion era forever!

  15. The thirties are not my favourite era either, but I feel just like you that it is all very elegant. I also collect vintage magazines, but have restricted myself to one type and only from the fifties. Or else I will drown. I scan from them every second month, next week I have scanned from my birthday issue. Wishing you both a lovely weekend. :)

  16. Waw c'est magnifique; merci beaucoup pour ces photos, c'est un vrai plaisir de les regarder!

  17. Oh, I enjoyed these images. Thank you for sharing them. I don't like to wear 30's styles either, but you have to admit that the clothing was so glamourous.