Sunday, November 2, 2014

Time for BOOTS again???

After a really beautiful beginning of fall, cold finally arrived...

Time for heavy wool sweaters to go out again,

but also time for fur to reappear in my wardrobe!

It's not easy to take good pictures when the weather is grey...

we are having a lot of fog lately only dissapearing at 2PM...
so sad!

So this kind of weather was the perfect excuse to inaugurate my new boots!

They are once again from Miss L Fire.

To find good looking vintage style boots is so difficult,

so when I saw this model inspired from a previous one I already have....

I bought 2 pairs: a black one and a red one! 

Yes, I'm crazy about shoes... but I'm just like every women...

Sylvain chose a varsity style.

This kind of sweaters are not so hard to find...

but if you want one from the 40's-50's in pristine condition, it's a different story...

I love how he matched his tie bar!

I found this fur cape in a local flea market for a few euros...

Definitively from the 40's judging by the square shoulders!

Don't know what kind of fur it is....

It's quite heavy but could be fake also....

Some people told me my hat was made of swan feathers.

This dress was new old stock with tags still attached!

It is its first time outside after more than 60 years!!!!

As I said earlier, when weather is grey and sad, it's hard to capture the true colors with our camera.

My new cat from Erstwilder was really cosy pinned there!

Plaid season finally started.

I really love purple and lilac.

It's time to find inspiration for winter outfits, quite hard to let go my simple vintage coton dresses till next spring...

Have you already packed all your summer outfits ?
What is inspiring you for your upcoming winter outfits?

Et voilà, après un début d'automne des plus clément, les journées grises et tristes sont de retour.... avec du brouillard jusque 2h de l'après-midi, c'est dur d'être motivés à mettre le nez dehors!
Il faut donc petit à petit ressortir la garde robe hivernale et trouver une nouvelle inspiration... et la motivation est venue de ces nouvelles botines de Miss L Fire! Trouver de bonnes repro pour des chaussures d'hiver n'est pas évident, donc quand je les ai vu, mon sang n'a fait qu'un tour, il me les fallait... après avoir résisté quelques semaines, j'ai craqué non seulement sur les noires, mais aussi les rouges! Oui... folle de chaussures, comme toutes les femmes! Style universitaire pour sylvain avec ce superbe sweater US...
Et vous, quelles sont vos inspirations pour vos tenues hivernales?
- Amicalement -


  1. wonderful look fo fall! ... funnny summer was back to germany today, which was quite bad for the indoor flea market i was selling at .... and yes, summer stuff is already packed!
    ... but i love every little detail fo your outfit! you did real good in buying these booties.

  2. Loving the black and green! It's still pretty warm here in the UK and I am loving it, though I think it's getting colder next week so hopefully I can start feeling more seasonal!

  3. Love both outfits!! Love your blog!

  4. Oooh it was chilly this past weekend in Long Beach CA. Winter/Fall has finally come to SoCal. I'm now wearing my winter sweaters and boots. Laurence I love your Miss L Fire boots and hat w/ swan feathers!!
    I finally purchased some fur pieces to add to my wardrobe. I bought 2 fur collars to wear with sweaters and coats. We don't get frigid weather in the Winter/Fall here is SoCal, so I thought some basic pieces might be practical. Laurence, your cape is just lovely....Mmm that might be something I should also add. Sylvain how do you find such pristine men's wear? Your closet must be a treasure trove. XOXO LisaO

  5. Oh you and Sylvain's outfits are so lovely! I adore your cape, it looks so cozy and luxurious.
    As Xenopholia said, it's finally becoming cold here in Southern California! I wanted to buy some furs today at a vintage flea market, but I decided against it, considering they wouldn't get much wear as it doesn't get //that// cold here. Maybe next year, though.

  6. What a lovely plaid dress. I adore plaids. And I have just bought the same boots! :) If they were cheaper, I would have bought the red ones too. If you ever will sell some of your dresses, do contact me. I think we wear the same size, and I love your style, dear. Sylvain is always stylish, I wish I had a vintage loving husband, but I don't. Fortunately, he loves me wearing vintage. Wishing you both a lovely day. :)

  7. J'adore ta robe pour ma part !

    Bon courage pr l'hiver qui s'annonce :)


  8. Oh eh la broche ! J'oubliais :)

  9. You both look fabulous, darling!
    ...and, as a matter of fact, this place (your blog) is where I go to for a hint of inspiration, when I feel down.
    Summer outfits are almost all packed-up. No reason for them to hang in my tiny wardrobe; it's not like the Sun's gonna shine any grighter any time soon. :)


  10. Loved this article and your outfits! Thanks for featuring our Cheeky Cheshire Cat brooch! xxx