Sunday, January 18, 2015

HEAVEN on Earth...

One of our favorite activity is certainly going to flea markets!

Even if it's not the perfect season for this kind of events,

we went to an inside one last week-end!

Most of the time I don't like to bring my camera with me...

and most of the time I regret it because there are so much nice stuff!

And of course we cannot buy anything...

some are pricey, some others too big, some interesting but not from our favorite era.

It's just a pleasure to look at everything, it's like going back in time!

Look at this beading details from a 60's purse...

Some items bring you a lot of questions...

like this egyptian painting, it measured several meters long... where did it come from???

I love to look at vintage toys, they are so CUTE!

The 2 following pictures were from a huge suitcase...

It crossed the Atlantic ocean with the famous FRENCH LINE perhaps on the NORMANDY!

Look at the TV table, so ATOMIC!

I regretted that only these 2 glasses survived...
must have been 6.

Probably SO shocking in the 50's!

Here are some nice 50's armchairs and sofa.

You can find also easily some vintage magazines...

However, I'm trying to buy only a few of them, they are taking so much space!

There were still a few vintage Xmas decorations.

I'm often surprised to see so much New Old Stock stuff!

Most of the time I'm hunting for vintage fashion accessories,

but you never know what you will find!

I almost bought this 40's costume from Alsace
(like the one bellow)...

Flowers were hand painting, rhinestones on the headtopper and on the bodice!!!
A real piece of art, but SO small...

It's nice to go there not alone because you cannot see anything...

so 4 eyes are better than 2!

Domergue's style paintings were really popular in the 50's.

So nice, 50's bamboo set!

I'm regretting that there is almost no vintage clothes on European fle markets,

but it's pretty rare for us to come empty handed after a few hours it's such heaven!!!

Do you often go to flea markets?
Do you bring your camera there?

Même si ce n'est pas vraiment la saison des marchés aux puces, nous en avons eu un petit à nous mettre sous la dent la semaine dernière. Il est très rare que j'emporte mon appareil photo dans ce genre de manifestations, mais je le regrette souvent car comme on ne peut pas tout acheter, mais il est sympa de tout de même garder un souvenirs de certains objets magnifiques et insolites! On ne sait jamais ce que l'on va trouver, une vraie chasse au trésor! Nous nous regrettons à chaque fois que les marchés européens proposent si peu de vêtements d'époque, quel dommage... mais bon cela ne nous empêche pas de revenir à chaque fois les bras chargés de merveilles!


  1. I hope you brought those two lovely glasses home with you even though there were two:) Looks like a great place to find furniture too.

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures! In Georgia, USA, there are lots of "flea" markets but they're more like junk markets. There's nothing good to be found! All of that 1950's furniture was so beautiful, and those glasses were just adorable.

  3. We have quiet a bit of flea markets here where I live. There are some specifically catered to vintage fashion and accessories! I usually don't bring my camera,as I like having a free space to look for things, and I'm too shy to ask if I can take photos. But I am working on it!

  4. Oouuh, I looove the bamboo set! It's so lovely!
    I think, I would have bought it, when I was there!
    Unfortunalety we don't have a lot of nice flea markets here.
    Thanks for these great pictures. :)

  5. I love the naughty glasses and the bamboo set too. I also love flea markets, but there are not much vintage on Danish flea markets. :)

  6. What cute glasses! And I am not sure if I would have been able to leave that bamboo set, it is amazing.
    I go to flea markets and Brocantes regularly, I would say twice a month, and I visit the Charity and Thrift shops nearby regularly. And as you say, so many lovely things, so little space to put them...

  7. Those glasses are really fun! I love the flea market too, even though I usually leave empty handed. Great photos.
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

  8. I don't often go to flea markets, charity shops tend to be my thing - though I really should go car booting more often. Do you have car boot sales in France, where people get together to sell off their old stuff from their cars?

  9. C'est fou que tu aies croisé un costume d'alsacienne ancien, car je me disais justement ce week-end qu'il fallait absolument que j'arrive à m'en trouver un, moi qui suis alsacienne !!! Pas é j'imagine plutôt cher aussi...
    Le petit set 50s en bambou est juste à tomber...rhôôô
    Ah ! les vide-grenier...puces...brocantes... pas encore la saison ici, quoique ça ne tardera pas trop. J'ai hâte !

  10. Oh my word, that is over the moon marvelous looking! I could literally feel my pulse increasing as I scrolled through these photos. You're so fortunate to have places like this to visit. Many thanks for taking us all along with you.

    ♥ Jessica

  11. ok, i think it's fine, if i don't answer the flea market question. ;)
    what a fabulous vintage market!!!! the bamboo set is absolutely fantastic ... i would have taken it home ... sadly even the (more) room in our new flat is running out. after purchasing some new vintage furniture and getting old pieces out of storage ... there is no empty wall left ... two to three lamps are missing ;)

  12. Funny, I have had the same rattan/bambou table. Just sold it this summer ;-)