Thursday, January 8, 2015

LIFE must go on....

I was supposed to post this yesterday...

but after what happenned in Paris I was not in the mood to write it.

We must keep in mind the motto of our french republic

"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" to fight such a cruelty.

But life must go on...

So let's go back to something really more frivolieous even if a part of our heart is still in pain....

Xmas time finally ended, followed by the New Year!

We had such a bad weather between the 2 eves: snow, ice and cold...

but just on the last day of vacations sun came back and snow disappered rapidly.

Just a few left... just enought for this snap of my boots!

But don't be fooled by this sunny photo shoot, it was freezing!!!

So what are better than fur and wool to fight the cold?

I found that tyrolean sweater (with 2 others in the same style)during my vintage shopping in Paris before Xmas.

They are really different from US sweaters,

they are personalizing winter...

(... what big boops... cannot remember mine were so big...)

I was feeling like a tyrolean girl in this outfit...

and we found that gorgeous german style church for our pictures...

I really hope to be able to visit Tyrol in a close future,
 must be a really nice place!

Sylvain added many layers of clothes,

the best way to stay warm!

His tie bar makes me think about "Rebel without a cause"...

the famous scene at the L.A. observatory.

Like James Dean, isn't he????

As I said, I myself added some fur to be warm...

Some fake leopard on my scarf, boots and purse...

and that mink hat which is from my mother in law,

 she used to wear it in the 60's.

These earrings were new old stock from the 50's...

I bought a few pairs (for less than 5 euros each) at Vanves flea market in Paris.

I really love leopard but can be sometimes hard to match...

Sylvain's scarf is from a NOS lot found for really cheap.

His sweater buttons were also inspired by tyrolean culture...

 Germany and Sweeden were a great inspiration for all over the world winter clothes during the 40's-50's!

Do you own some vintage tyrolean sweaters?
Have you ever visited Tyrol?

J'étais supposée écrire ce article hier, mais les événements de l'attaque de Charlie Hebdo ont fait que j'ai perdu toute inspiration regardant probablement comme beaucoup de nos compatriotes les récits des journalistes à la TV. Gardons en tête la devise de notre pays "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" et malgré le pincement que cela a causé dans nos cœurs, la vie doit continuer... avec un sujet somme toute beaucoup plus frivole: l'inspiration tyrolienne dans les vêtements d'hiver 40's-50's. J'ai trouvé durant mon séjour à Paris un ensemble de sweaters Tyrol qui m'évoquent forcement les décors des films de Sissi... c'était mon inspiration du jour! J'aimerais beaucoup visiter le sud de l'Allemagne dans un futur proche, ce n'est pas si loin après tout. Sylvain avait opté pour un empilement de vêtements pour combattre le froid glacial de la semaine passée. Aimez-vous également cette mode Tyrol qui personnalise si bien l'hiver?


  1. Gorgeous outfits, down to the last detail! I love those gloves in particular.

    My thoughts were with you in France yesterday. Hugs!

  2. My heart goes out to you and all of France, and all of the world. May liberty continue to thrive in the face of adversity! You look absolutely beautiful, I especially love the way you incorporated leopard print into your outfit, so gorgeous!

  3. You and Sylvain look gorgeous as always. I love your gloves and the colorful flecks in Sylvains' trousers.

    I'm praying for the dead and their families. I am beyond angry that such evil has occurred and that there are those who try to put the blame on the victims.

  4. My thoughts are with the French people at the moment - it's uplifting to see how people are refusing to be terrorized by the minority.

    Hugs to you both

  5. i was totally shocked when i read about what has happened in paris recently! my heart goes with all the french people! ... how long will it take till terror hits berlin and other big european cities ...

    as i already said on instagram: wonderful outfits! the swearter is absolutely great! the leopard bag is a wonderful piece, too!

  6. Yes, life has to go on. Your post is a real 'je suis Charlie' move! And you are both looking wonderful as usual. Young, fun, classy and with a good pinch of humour.

  7. I really recommend you two to visit Tirol in Austrian. It is my absolute favourite country. It is so incredibly beautiful and the inhabitants are so polite and service minded. I love it. I truly feel sorry for what has happened in Paris. We hear a lot about on TV and on the radio. I do love your outfits though, your cardigan is so charming and I am saving for a Tyrolean cardigan myself. They are quite expensive, but very lovely. Sylvain is a darling as always, much more than Mr. Dean, his scarf is fabulous. If you ever get tired of him, just send him to Denmark and I'll take good care of him. :) Wishing you both a nice weekend.

  8. I love the cardigan, where in Paris do you go for vintage clothes as my son lives near Paris and is very interested to know.

    As so many people around the world are putting on social media:

  9. Lovely outfits. It is good to bring some beauty to such a horrible time; my thoughts are with all those affected. (I'm a magazine journalist, and feel a kinship with others in my profession. I was very shocked by what happened.)

  10. I'm so sorry for what happened in France . About your post, as always I love it !! Love your outfits, you both really look like if you were in the 50's

  11. I've been keeping up with the situation in Paris, and my heart is with you and the rest of your countryfolk. Stay strong!
    But yes, to move on to something lighter, you guys both look great. I have never been to Tyrol, but the new Chanel collection makes me want to go! I love the shapes and the embroidered details, it's a great style.

  12. You both look great, as always! So damn sorry to hear about those terrible attacks in Paris.. We should drop vintage clothing, r´n´r records, pinup girls and guitars on ISIS and Al Qaida!! Asta and I will try to visit you on a road trip in the spring! Best, Peter.

  13. A very eloquent post, and so sorry for what happened in Paris.

    On the brighter side of things both of your outfits are very festive and so fun and wintery!