Friday, January 2, 2015

Don't forget Xmas!!!

Almost 1 month till my last post....

Cannot believe that another Xmas is already passed...

and even a year!!!!

We wish you all the best for this new year my dear readers!

The end of the year was really busy for us,

that's why I could not find time to share a lot lately.

Sylvain passed 40 years old in december...

We also spent some nice days in Paris for shopping and meeting friends and familly.

After that we drove to south of France to celebrate Xmas...

 busy, busy...

I felt really christmassy in my outfits in december!

I received this coat just before Xmas so it was a great inspiration for Holidays time!

Red and green a classic look to wait for Santa!

I also wore a lot my Miss L Fire boots, just perfect!

As I had not so many Xmas jewels,

I thought it was time to let my collection grow a bit more!

Bells, poinsettias, holly, Xmas trees...

We had an unexpected visitor during that shoot...

So friendly, but also SO dirty!!!

I was fearing that he would ruined my new vintage coat!

So I remove it...

Also to show you this 50's wool dress!

I would love to find more like this one, so perfect for winter time!

Did you notice my new brooch?

Yes, another cutie from ERSTWILDER!!!!

I was lucky enough to receive 4 more their designs for Xmas.. I'm in love!

Fits perfectly those large lucite bangles!

Sylvain chose also to wear red!

I read somewhere that red makes you more attractive than every other colors...

I really feel that it's the truth!

What a festive 40's tie!

I wrote this post lokking at white landscapes outside...

vacations will soon end, it's a bit sad... we will have to wait one more year for another great Xmas!

Did you wear some Xmassy outfits in December?
Are you collecting Xmas costume jewellery?

Et voilà, un autre de passé... il faudra attendre un an de plus pour un nouveau joyeux Noël... et une de plus... déjà 2015! Tous nos voeux à vous chers lecteurs! Nous avons été un peu absents le mois dernier car le mois de décembre fût des plus occupés: les 40 ans de Sylvain, quelques jours bien remplis à Paris et des fêtes de famille dans le sud! J'ai essayé cette année d'avoir des tenues un peu plus festives pour cette fin d'année, rouge et vert ne m'ont pas quittés!
Dans quelques jours, les vacances prennent fin... un peu triste... le compte à rebours à commencer jusqu'à notre prochain départ!


  1. Both of your outfits look amazing and so cozy warm! And it was nice to see your little visitor in your photos, haha!

    I think I might start to collect Xmas jewelry, I often see it at thrift stores, so I think I can give some of it a loving home.

  2. Your dress is SO lovely!! You both look amazing, as always. I hope you had a nice Christmas and New Years. :)


  3. I love to see both of you! I love your outfits! Both look do ellegant!

  4. Happy New Year to both of you, and happy birthday to Sylvain, the sexy forty year old birthday-boy. :) I adore all of your outfit, from your fabulous Christmas boots to your plaid box purse. If Miss L Fire weren't so expensive in Denmark I would buy me a pair too, but I chose the classic black ones. The dress and the coat is to die for. Sylvain is look elegant as always, his tie collection is amazing. :)

  5. Happy New Year! I love both of your festive outfits! I don't normally buy Christmas-specific vintage items but I did treat myself to some holly earrings and a poinsettia hair clip this Christmas :)

  6. You both look so festively fantastic!!! I couldn't get enough of red and green (and gold) in my wardrobe this Christmas either.

    With all my heart, I wish you both a joyful, healthy, fun, amazing 2015!
    ♥ Jessica

  7. you both look adorable!

    no fancey or christmassy outfits in december 2014! just work appropriate clothes ... since we have finally moved and i have FINALLY one mirror on the wall - i can think about getting dressed up again ...

  8. Dress look very classy and fit well. Happy New Year :)

  9. Such lovely festive outfits! That dog is very cute. If you have to get photobombed, it might as well be by a cute dog.

  10. How lovely you both look, have a very happy New Year.

  11. What fabulous Christmas outfits! I love all of the red and green it is so perfectly Christmas-y!

    And, yes! I LOVE dressing for the season, especially with fun brooches and such!


  12. What a darling plaid dress. I also love the earrings and bracelets. You both look so festive!