Monday, January 5, 2015


And here are our outfits on Xmas day!

As I said in my last post I was all red and green during Holidays...

Sylvain tried fur for the first time!

We were in south of France for a few days, 

to spent Xmas with my in laws.

Here is another part of my new collection of jewellery...

I also have the matching earrings but forgot to picture them.

Xmas tree brooches are really not rare, 
don't know the age of my set.

I also wore a matching charm bracelet!

It was THE day to wear them afterall!!!

 My husband was wearing a new vintage coat.

I found it for him on Ebay.

Really warm with this colar and fully lined with cosy wool!

I was also on the wool side...

with this gorgeous sweedish cardigan!

I have found a few of these heavy sweaters during my parisian shopping.

Can be worn with jeans for a casual look

 or like here for a more elegant silhouette!

It's easy to find a place for nice photoshoot in those small southern villages.

But they feel quite empty at this period of the year...

So much tourists in summer, but like ghost town during winter...

But that's not bad, it's quite pleasant to walk around alone in these old streets.

I didn't quit my new 40's green coat

and my Santa boots!!!

I tried to mix them in different outfits to minimize the size of my suitcase.

A touch of red is the MUST HAVE on Xmas day!

but with blue, gray and yellow, it's quite a good mix.

But this jacket has a nice detail on the back...

but even if it looks great like that, we think that the front belt is missing.

My dress is a new purchase from Brussels when we brought back our TELEAVIA.

I knew it would be the perfect attire for Christmas!

Did you wear something special for Xmas?
If you know how to date those Xmas tree brooches,
 could you share your tips?

Et voici nos habits de fêtes!!!! Un Noël passé en famille dans le Périgord...après le traditionnel Foie Gras régional, une petite marche dans les rues désertées de ces villages si typiques... malgré un côté ville fantôme, cela fait du bien de redécouvrir ces ruelles non assaillies de ces hordes touristes... on se réappropries ces vieilles pierres! Encore une tenue très mère Noël pour moi, avec cette nouvelles robe 50's acquise lors de notre dernier périple à Bruxelles et ce cardigan suédois des plus chaud et versatile! Sylvain a testé quand à lui la douceur de ces cols en fourrures si typiques des canadiennes 40's-50's!
Et vous, avez-vous sorti vos plus beaux atours pour acceuillir le père Noël?
- Bye -


  1. Love your Christmas outfits, particularly your cardigan and boots, and Sylvain's tie. So stylish as always. Happy New Year to you both!

  2. Your outfits are fantastic! Your accessories are perfect, and your cardigan is amazing! I'd love to find such a cozy sweater myself someday!

  3. You guys look so great! My boyfriend loves vintage style as much as I do, maybe i can talk him into a cool cost like your husband's. You both look so perfect for the season.

  4. his jacket is such a great find and I love your charm braclet too, perfect as always xxx

  5. You two have fabulous coats! :) Sylvain is very handsome, and you look lovely in your Swedish cardigan. I'm a big fan of Christmas jools (and colours), so I love your new sets. Again, I wish Miss L Fire wasn't so expensive, then I would have bouth the red and white pair too, but I only have the black pair. A belated merry Christmas and a happy New Year to both of you. :)

  6. Trop trooooop belle cette veste bleue ! Quelle belle prise !
    Vous êtes absolument superbes, comme toujours...