Sunday, November 18, 2012

A WOOL DRESS for a cold flea market....

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This saturday, we were out to go to a nice flea market....

It was an indoor one.

We saw a lot of nice things but didn't buy so much. Prices were quite high.

But Sylvain had a good deal for these NOS boots. They are probably from the first half of the XXth century all handmade!!!!

Look at this Arlequin!

I only bought a 30's pair of gloves....

But they are so AMAZING, you will be probably jealous when I will wear them in a upcoming post....

And let's speak a bit more about our outfits...

I'm lately trying to hunt for more wool dresses in order to increase my winter wardrobe.

And I was lucky enough to find some great wool dresses and suits from Ebay and Etsy, they are so hard to find in good condition!!! Moths loved them so much....

It's strange but for men's vintage clothes, it's not the same. It's easier to find heavy wool clothes than light gabardine....

I have just received this 40's dress a few days ago and I fell in love!!!!

What a bright sweater for Sylvain... it's soon Xmas!

Another hard thing to find is vintage boots in my size... I only have 2 pairs, both from the 40's... Here is a pair, black suede with cream fur inside... Cute but impossible to wear with rain or snow!

I love plaid for every seasons but it's especially true for winter!

Sylvain's wardrobe is full of these flecked wool jackets from the 50's.

One more time, I try to match all my accessories with my dress... 50cts for this beauty!!!

My hat is a 40's velvet beret found in a local flea market.

Do you have a large winter wardrobe?
What do you like to wear for cold weather?


  1. The suit, the dress, the shoes - your outfit is absolutely stunning!

  2. Your outfit is beautiful! I love plaid too, and I've already made several garments in different plaid patterns this winter. I've been wearing a lot of skirt and sweater outfits so far. I need more winter dresses.

  3. You both look wonderful in your winter outfits!! I love the shots, too. You two are my favorite SUPER MODELS!!!!


  4. You look amazing as always. I have never seen vintage boots, wow.

  5. Your new wool dress is rather cute! I especially love the zipper front and diamond details on the bodice. I too
    LOVE plaid and checks for winter...I feel like they make up for the colour lost when I put away my Summer florals. I wear alot of vintage woolen kilts in an array of colours, I even have a pink/mauve/blue one. xx Shauna

  6. That dress is so cute yet practical :) I would definitely need more everyday dresses like that.

  7. You both look fantastic! I love your jacket, boots and purse so much! And Sylvain's tie is just wonderful! The boots he found look amazing and you're both coordinated!

  8. You both look (soooo!) spectacular. I love the respective colour palettes of each of your outfits. Each one really speaks of winter to me, and are amongst those I'm looking forward to sporting here soon, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. I love your dress, and that brooch is so cute! A very pretty winter outfit, indeed!

  10. This plaid dress suits you well:) I love the details and it is amazing it has the matching belt. It looks like the dress was barely worn. Congratulations on your great find. Very lovely:))

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