Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cosy at home...

Yesterday was a really depressing day with rain, rain and .... rain!!!
So what to do except staying cosy at home?
Do you remember? I mentionned in my last post that some journalists came home for an interview.
We thought it would be a short text with one or two pictures...
But we had the surprise to discover the front page of new paper with a large picture of us and about a full page inside about our life style!!!! The beginning of celebrity?
We started the afternoon eating some good cakes with friends.
We also listened to good music...
We bought a new record player....
It will need some improvement but my father will work on it!
We like to hunt for vintage records on flea markets...
But never bought them from internet....
But it's not easy to find good 45rpm on french flea markets... fortunatly one of my favorite doo-wop group the PLATTERS was one of the only doo-wop group released in FRANCE....
But we also like to hear some 30's to 60's french artists like Maurice Chevalier, Edith Piaf, Henri Salvadore...
I love the details about Sylvain's outfit!
And what about mine?
This dress is a pretty new purchase from FACEBOOK.
There is a date inside: 1949! A bit large at bust but can look good with a large belt.
I also worn 2 of my cute ERSTWILDER brooches. 

And those AMAZING shoes, where are they come from?
Flea market more than 10 years ago, my first 40's shoes... for 4 french francs... (about $0.70) Probably my best bargain ever!!!
Do you know some french singers from the 30's to the 60's?
What are your activities during rainy days?



  1. Peut-être que oui, le début de la célébrité. C'est cool. En ce qui me concerne, en cas de temps pluvieux : c'est couture. Mais je pense que tu l'aura deviné. Sympa le robe, j'aime bien.

  2. Wow, I love that record player and congratulations on your newspaper article! You are lucky to have a Dad that can fix things. Vintage record players in Australia are very difficult to find in good condition! I agree with you about the weather - it has been raining and grey for two days in Grenoble. Not much fun with two active children stuck at home over school holidays! I bought a houndstooth cape from etsy and that made me feel better (and red wine). Best, Maria aka Vintage Suburbia

  3. Wow! Those 1940's peeptoes look amazing on you! What a find!

  4. Amazing everything! The most amazing part I used to have a little black jacket just like that, I sold it to someone in Australia from my Etsy shop.

  5. Congrats on your front page article!! And you BOTH look typically awesome on your rainy day. We have had a few of those, and I agree, it's much nicer to be tucked inside watching movies and crafting!!!

  6. What a thoroughly fantastic looking way to spend a rainy day. You both look marvelously sharp and stylish, and I just love seeing more corners of your endlessly awesome house.

    I'm not overly familiar with too many vintage French artists, but I adore Edith, as well as a vintage French Canadian folk songstress named Madame Bolduc (have you heard any of her songs before?).

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I just discovered Francoise Hardy, and it's an instant favorite! French is so beauitful, combined with the pure awesome-ness of 60's music, it's heaven! :)

  8. Congrats on the newspaper celebrity-dome, you two deserve it. You are a fabulous couple who truly are lost in the 1950's. You both look very sharp for an at home day and I just adore the fabric in Sylvain's suit and the tie is lovely too. I love to watch old movies on grey, rainy days...but only ones I've watched before...they are so comforting, like an old friend. xx Shauna

  9. superbes chaussures et quelle affaire en effet !

    Dommage que maintenant les prix se soient envolés pour le vintage...


  10. Okay your house is too cute!!