Friday, November 2, 2012

HALLOWEEN: somewhere over the rainbow...

For the second time in my life, I went to a Halloween party...

Come with me (yes... it's me!) at our friends' place!

But what's that in the garden...????

Quite scary, isn't it?

Not really friendly those pumkins....

Look at that frightening cimetery....

Hey, cute scarecrow, do you want to go to the party with me?

You will be able to protect me from some disgusting things...!!!!

We will follow the yellow briks road.... and we will meet a lot of strange people...

The Corpse Bride...

Some bloody zombies...

The worst handymen ever...

A part of the Adams Familly...

A strange bat eyes guy...

You will see my scarecrow, it will be fun and you will perhaps find a new brain!!!!

Those sandwiches doesn't seem to be so fresh...

Quite scary atmosphere inside....

but fun!!!!

What a nice Halloween decoration!

I present to you my dog TOTO!!! A vintage pupet from the 50's.

So much nice things to eat!

Do you like this new beverage????

Why are there eyes and earthworms in my pumpkins soup?

Some details of my outfit...

Those 30's red cuties are my ruby shoes....

My dress is vintage from the 50's, as Toto's basket and of course it's not my real hair!!!

Do you have fun my scarecrow? But what are you doing?

What are you looking to?

Flying lanterns to finish this scary evening in style!!!!

Did you celebrate Halloween where you live?
What was your costume, was it vintage inspired?


  1. Wow, your costumes are awesome - I looooooooooove the scarecrow costume!!! What a fun party with so much attention to detail!

  2. Oh my gosh, that looks fantastic. Thank you for sharing. As an Australian, I do not really celebrate Halloween. However, my children dressed up this year as we are living in France. It was fun for them. Congratulations on your outfit which is magnificent! Maria aka Vintage Suburbia

  3. What a great party and your shoes are amazing!

  4. Super fête ! Les cupcakes ont l'air délicieux ;-)
    Et vous deux, quelle classe, vous êtes magnifiques, comme toujours !
    Biz !

  5. That party looks like such a blast! I love that you two wore matching costumes and that you're Halloween fans, too. Not since the original movie has anyone looked as terrific as Dorothy and The Scarecrow as you guys do here.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. You guys look amazing!!! I'm glad Halloween is catching on around the world - it is the best and most fun day of the year! I made Mary's costume last year, she was a character from "The Wizard of Oz" too.

  7. haha, you two are adorable! Your shoes are the best part of the costume. They really do look like they're sparkling

  8. Such a fabulous costumes, you both look wonderful! As does the food, yum! xx

  9. I love the costumes! The carved pumpkins were really neat(:

  10. Omg hun you guys did an AMAZING job ahhhhhhhhhh sooo authentic! Fantastic! Yes I promise you next year I will dress up-I am debating on doing something on my own or a family theme...must ponder heheh Great photos-loved it! xox

  11. Vos déguisements sont superbes !!

  12. you guys look great! and i LOVE your poodle puppet!!

  13. What a wonderful costume, you look gorgeous! I have to ask, where on earth did you find those shoes, they're simply perfect!

    Ruby xx

  14. Both your costumes are impressive! It must have been a great party!

  15. Wow you look fabulous!! And those SHOES!! Perfect.
    Trish xx