Saturday, November 24, 2012

First shopping for Xmas....

It's now sure... we have never been so close to next Xmas.....

So it's official, Christmas shopping can start...

When I'm in a Xmas mood, you can see it on my outfit...

One of my favorite winter coat, heavy and warm!

This 50's dress is one of my recent purchase.

You can see here our new friend for Xmas... it will be add at the bottom of the tree when I will decorate it!!!

It's now the end of fall, all leaves are on the ground....

This wool dress is another example of my love for plaid fabrics.

And LOVE red!!!!

My ERSTWILDER rabbit is still there... it is so CUTE!

I have many and many accessories but when I love some I can wear them again and again and never been bored... like this AMAZING purse!

It's not a cold weather that could stop Sylvain to drive is convertible!

He is always elegant, my man....

Wearing ties most of the time!

Some details of his outfit :

Have a good trip, guy!

Even his Lincoln is in a Christmas mood...

We are now waiting for snow, will we have a white Christmas ?

Have your Xmas shopping already started ?
When are you planning to decorate your Christmas tree ?


  1. Il est magnifique ton manteau, ta robe aussi d'ailleurs. Bref ! comme d'habitude, tu es charmante. Vous êtes trop mignon sur la dernière photo. Qu'est-ce que j'aimerais que mon mari soit aussi fan que moi de ces années. Mais peut-être que je transmettrai mon goût du vintage et du rétro à mes louloutes.

  2. What a handsome couple the two of you are! I love this post! It puts me in the Christmas spirit! I love it and your dress-simply beautiful! xox

  3. I feel like I say (or at least think about saying this) every time you post, but this is one of my all-time favourite outfits of your, dear gal. The winter perfect combination of grey and red looks nothing short of sublimely pretty with your blonde hair and fair skin. Such an inspiring look for me as we head into another freezing cold Canadian winter.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. It looks like you have been having some luck finding wool dresses, very cute and I love the red coat.

  5. Merci pour un magnifique post! I especially adore that bag!

  6. I put my tree up Christmas has officially BEGUN in my house. We put up the tree and the all important train track around it (to my son's delight) and the rest of house will get it's garlands and decorations tommorrow. I hope you do get snow so that you can have"A White Christmas". You look totally Christmassy in your red coat...I always envy northern hemisphere dwellers their cold winter Christmasses and we hope one day to venture up north for the festive season.xx Shauna

  7. What a great outfit - I love red too, and I love that coat!!! You and your hubby are such a good lookin' pair!

  8. Great outift! I especially love the coat. Very christmas-y.

  9. Such a gorgeous outfit! The coat and dress are beautiful, on you and your man looks dashing. xxx

  10. Gorgeous couple! I can't get over your outfit, it is perfect in every respect.

    Ruby xx

  11. Love your outfit - so festive and perfect for Christmas shopping! Your husband always looks so nice too. Wish I could get my husband interested in clothes, but he could care less.

  12. Those shoes! The snood!! I love it all!


  13. Your every post is like a fairytale.
    Greetings Anna from Poland