Thursday, November 1, 2012

WWII museum and a FROZEN flea market

Sunday was a really freezing day... but nothing to stop us from going to a good flea market!!!!

-2°C every stuff were quite... frozen...!!!!

Everybody found something...

Sylvie found some 50's ceramics, her husband some nice 50's Xmas ornements, Sylvain a coca-cola ads and some 50's kitchen curtains for me.

My vintage furs were out for the first time this year...

On the afternoon, we drove our '59 Cadillac...

Sylvain had the bad idea to disconnect the heater some weeks ago....

But Sylvie kept her smile!!!

But where did we chose to go?

To the Hackenberg fortress, vestige from the WWII.

It's a part of the Maginot Line.

More than 10 kms of underground galeries... with a small train!

The Hackenberg was one of the biggest fortress of the WWII.

There is a museum inside with weapons, uniforms, old news paper...

You had probably noticed my amazing 40's hat...

This fortress was really modern at that time more then all Parisian palaces from the 40's...

More than 1500 soldiers lived inside but no woman!!!

There even had a hospital inside the underground fortress!

I was really amazed to see this gas mask and childs equipements!!!

Inside the underground train.... 12°C inside, more than outside...

I was surprise to share this guided tour with people from the USA and even Australia, I tought that only local people know about this place... 

We also went out of a bunker to see a turret works.

When it comes to kill each others, human brains have no limit....

You can see behind Sylvain the damages that Gal Paton's army caused to free this fortress from german....

6 years was needed to built all these galeries and something like some billions of our modern euros!!!!

The visit was really interested...

And it was time to bring our friends to the airport to send them back home... but we will see each other next march in VLV!

Have your vintage furs already been out?
Have you ever heard about Hackenberg fortress?


  1. I can't believe that frozen clock in the first picture!!! Looks like a great afternoon....and I will be at VLV next March too - I hope to meet you there! :) xx

    1. I'm also hoping to see you there... but this event is so huge!!!!

  2. I love your hat, felt hats are my favorite! Also love the vintage fur!

  3. I already feel cold when I see this icy clock! Seems like nothing can stop you from going to a flea market! But looks like is was worth it :-)

  4. That museum looked amazing! What a treasure!!! I wonder what the tourists thought of that place! Amazing!! Thank you for sharing this!! xox

  5. I love the hat, so unusual. Your whole outfit looks beautiful and so perfect for the weather. And I have to say that Sylvain is always dressed very nice as well!

  6. What a fun day!! Your furs are gorgeous. I'm so glad that the weather in St Louis is finally getting cold enough to wear mine. I love going to flea markets in the winter and rain because most people stay home, so there's always lots of good treasures to find. x

  7. Your outfit is utterly gorgeous! From the sculptural hat to the grey tights, the classic coat to the chic furs, I adore every last detail.

    Wishing you a beautiful start of November,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Why yes, I did notice your fab hat! It suits you very well indeed. Thanks for the sneek peeek into the tunnels, WW2 stuff is so never fails to fascinate, sadden and frighten me, all at the same time. xx Shauna

  9. Aww, Sylvie! <3 I'm glad to see you have such a wonderful time - whilst all of you being so handsomely dressed, at that!

  10. We had a fantastic time indeed! As always with Laurence and Sylvain!

  11. And the fortress is really worth a visit!