Monday, January 14, 2013

A rainy SUNSET....

And another simple rainy outfit post...

Sorry for the bad colors of those following pictures...
But they were taken at the sunset!

Flash, no flash... we didn't find the best to do...

We are not quite satisfied with the new camera we bought last spring... we chose to not buy a reflex due to their large sizes but a compact camera don't give what we really wanted...
Days were so short lately...

and weather was so bad... rain, rain and now COLD!!!!
This amazing vintage umbrella come from a german flea market, bought for about... nothing!
This dress and this bolero are new purchase from Ebay. 
This dress are from the early 50's, made of nylon.
This kind of dresses is nice to wear for cool weather, quite impossible to wear when it's hot outside, because nylon would not be confortable!

I also wear those kind of vintage costume jewellery sets that I love!!! I cannot believe how vintage accessories can be cheap compare to clothes.
 $20 for matching bracelet, earrings and necklace in perfect condition, what else to ask!!!

These shoes are the first vintage shoes I have ever bought, early 2002 I think... A thrift store was selling a huge lot of NOS shoes still in boxes from the 40's to the 60's... I still regret to not have bought more than one pair!!!! Silly me...  

And some words about Sylvain's outfit...

a classic 50's style that can make a guy really attractive... 
Come here Darling!!!!
Do you like to wear clothes made of nylon?
What kind of camera do you use? Satisfied or not?


  1. That umbrella is amazing! I love the colors! And I love jacket your man is wearing!

    And yes, I do like nylon clothing.

    I use a Nikon D90. I've pretty happy with it, especially when I shoot in RAW.


  2. Ton sweater est vraiment très mignon ! Ca te va bien, cette tenue bleue, c'est très joli ! J'adore le bleu aussi en ce moment, c'est le temps qui veut ça, à force de gris, on veut un beau ciel bleu !

  3. I need to buy a new camera soon. The camera is just taking horrible photos and it makes it really discouraging to do an outfit post. You two look great the photos look nice too.

  4. Hee hee love that last one. Your outfits are great, his jacket looks wonderful with that red shirt. And I love your matching jewelry set! That shade of blue is my favorite.

  5. You both just always look so wonderful! I just use my putzy little iPhone for my blog but I have a lot of editors on my phone as well. I wish I could afford a nice camera but honestly I would rather spend it on a nice vintage piece heheh ;-)


    Veronica Vintage

  6. Lovelovelove the umbrella! And the blue looks lovely on you. I also am thinking I need more than just a point and shoot's not quite giving me the photos I want, either. :-/

  7. Very lovely! I especially love the tulip jewelry! You got a necklace, bracelet, and earrings that match? That's rare:) Pastels are great for you:)

  8. If reflex camera is too big for you and the compact one doesn't have what you need, maybe you should try so called "semi-reflex"? It's something between reflex and compact - I own one and I'me really happy with it (but its self-timer hates me :P).


    1. Yes, at first I wanted a semi-reflex, I tested one but it was still too large to be put in a vintage purse...

  9. The matching set is gorgeous, what a good find! I have one 1950s nylon dress, the pattern is a bit too summery for winter but it is not a nice dress to wear on a hot day!

  10. You two inject such fun and personality into your photos, as clearly evidenced by the last shot here. I adore your outfit - it's just the ticket to brighten even the grayest of winter days, especially when your pointed such a cheerful multi-coloured vintage umbrella up towards the sky.

    ♥ Jessica

  11. Followed the link from your feedback on Etsy for the dress, you two look amazing! Love your accessory choices with the dress, just lovely. Your fella looks pretty handsome too!
    I like nylon on cool spring days but tend to go with cotton as I need sturdier fabrics with pets and rural living. I have a Canon powershot SX-20 that I like but I really should learn to use the manual settings for best lighting.