Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holidays season's lights

And here is my last post with beautiful Xmas' lights...

We removed our tree this week-end, it was so sad...
So here are a few more pictures to keep Xmas alive...
It was the evening before this post.

I must tell you that I had forgotten them...
But as you seemed to like my previous post about Xmas market...
Here is another Christmas market that we visited this year.

It was in Liège (Belgium).
It's the most famous one in Belgium...
it opened really late at night (about 1am)...
Most of shoppes sold meals and drinks...
despite the winter weather, it's like a huge outside party where you come with friends...

but it's Belgium so beer it's everywhere, so it's sometimes hard to find their way home for some people... 
Old city of Liège was really nice...

with all those lights!

With this architecture, you can tell that it's close to the Netherlands! 

We went to a typical restaurant with my colleagues. 

We tasted a local beverage: PEKET, made of fruits juice and alcohol.

All inside decoration was vintage inspired!

So it's now time to say goodbye to Xmas...
but I have a great new for you we have never been so close to next Holidays season.. !!!! :-)))

Do you think like me that post Xmas time is always sad ?
What do you do to cheer you up in January ?



  1. What a lovely Christmas you and your hubby had! You have a beautiful life indeed my dear! xox

  2. You two look trendy as always:) Very lovely pictures and I love your coat and hat:) I wish I was there for a nice holiday:)

  3. I have always disliked the time around Christmas because it has a lot of bad memories attached to it, and I don't have much family besides my Mom (of whom I am very close to). I just can't wait for spring! But you, as always, look fabulous no matter what the season!


    Veronica Vintage

  4. I've had a lot people mention lately how sad they are to take down their Christmas decorations in Jan. One year to combat this feeling, I put away all the Christmas decorations except the snowman related ones. I left them up and along with some silver/white decorations for the table like candles and linens, it made "winter" decorations as a transition. It was still very cheerful but didn't look like I was too lazy to put the Christmas decorations away (ha ha!) Anyway, just an idea if you feel like everything looks bare after you pack the decorations.

  5. Donc l'expression prendre un petit "Peket" souvent entendue chez mes amis du nord viendrait donc de cet alcool. Et moi qui ai toujours pensé qu'il s'agissait du "verre" lui même. Merci Laurence, un mystère éclairci.

    Je ne trouve pas le temps après Noël triste au contraire vite vite vite les beaux jours et leur rallongement.

    Tous mes meilleurs voeux pour 2013.

    Cheers !!

    1. Je comprends que dans le sud on puisse penser ainsi, mais ici, on est encore parti pour 3 mois de mauvais temps!!!!

  6. Yes, I always find the post-Xmas season to be a touch sad, too, and this year I'm feeling that even more strongly than most. We had such a wonderful, happy Christmas (the first one in this new house, which is by far the nicest house Tony and I have ever lived in, which I truly adored decorating for the holidays), and it was tough to take down the decorations. I'm trying to think ahead to Valentine's and Easter, though we don't decorate for them to the same extent, to help keep my mind off the fact that Christmas won't show up again almost another year.

    Thank you for sharing these fun holiday market photos with us. You both look so impeccably well dressed.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I do find it sometimes a bit sad after Christmas! I wait until we're really ready take down the decorations. I try and cheer myself up by thinking about fun things the new year might bring.

    The photos are gorgeous! What lovely holiday markets you have in Europe. You too look magical with all the lights. :)

  8. I'm in love with your hat, it's amazing!