Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The LITTLE CHAPEL of vines...

I would like to share with you a special place to my heart...

It's a small chapel in my native village.
It was built in the XIXth century in the middle of a vineyard.
This Calvary is older and dates back to 1817.
There are some strange details on it like this skull...
This place is where a lot of my childhood walks with my grand-mother ended... in the middle of nowhere!
I must tell you that weather is so cold lately, we even have a few inches of snow now!
But I had to show you what was underneath my jacket!!!
This AMAZING 40's sweater!!!!
It's to die for, isn't it???
My husband was so elegant in these gray shades!
Nice shoes found NOS in a flea market for 1 euro... what a bargain!!!!
Oh, I must also show you my new boots!

They are Mandalay Boots from Miss L Fire. They are so well made and comfy. The only flaw that I can see is that I would prefer them with no side zipper for a vintager style.
I had wanted them since I first saw them in september... but I wait for winter sales to buy them at a good price!
Look at the above picture and at the next one...
Funny, I have just noticed that Sylvain's tie is matching some of this Calvary's details... vives leaves!
My husband bought this 50's coat in Candem market in London... one of the only vintage piece from the 50's that we found there among tons of 80's clothes, really disapointing!
In my last post, I mentionned how much I love complete vintage jewellery sets.

 Here is another one, I don't know if it's made of stone or plastic, but I love it!!! 

It was a nice but cold stroll, so it was nice to finished it....

at my Grandma's place for a good pie like in my childhood!!!
Do you have a place which remembers you your childhood?
Did you bought something nice on sale lately?


  1. That jumper is sooooooo lovely! I am really liking green at the moment too!

  2. J'adore tout simplement vous deux! Donc, élégant! ♥

  3. That place is magical! And you two are a feast for the eyes!

  4. What a lovely day that must've been, and what a perfect little feast to end it with! The little chapel is so great, and, as usual, you two look so sharp! I can't get over Sylvain's amazing suit. I love all the gray, especially with that pink tie. Elegant is definitely the word. And all your pieces are just amazing. That purse and those boots and the pretty snood with a bow that matches your neato sweater.

  5. That sweater absolutely is to die for! I love that shade of emerald green. I just picked up a vintage appropriate sweater this past Monday while thrifting in nearly the same hue, as I'm trying to add more green to my wardrobe this year.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. waw j'adore ton petit sweater ! J'en cherche un comme ça depuis des lustres !

  7. Salut,
    alors là tu viens de m'achever, les Mandalay boots sont mes préférées de la nouvelle collection et bien entendu ils ne les font plus à ma taille. Et la je vois qu'elles sont encore plus parfaites que ce je pensais!
    Comme à ton habitude tu es élégante!
    Bisous et bonne continuation!

    1. Quelle est ta taille? Elles étaient en vente sur pas mal de sites, je peux peut-être t'aider... Mais c'est clair que Miss L Fire a de plus en plus de succès et si une paire te tient à coeur, il faut sauter dessus!

  8. Ohhh..Lovely place! You look so amazing !

  9. What a lovely place! And I adore the top!


  10. this cardi is fabulous!!! great buy!