Friday, January 4, 2013

Patriotic NEW YEAR EVE

Our Holidays season was really busy and I didn't take time to post a lot but I have a lot of pictures to share... so you will have some more Xmas atmosphere in some upcoming posts...

Let's talk about our New Year Eve...
We organized a small party at home...
Can you guess that evening theme?
Blue, white, red!

For our french flag colors...
The buffet was full of our country specialties: bread, "charcuterie", foie gras....
and many kind of our smelly cheese!!!
Even some dishes were blue, white, red!

Look at my Eiffel Tower napkins!!!
My friend Marie's hat fit perfectly the theme!!!!
A vintage Haute Couture hat???
Absolutly not! A simple vintage straw hat with a souvenir from Paris bought a few days ago...
Her vintage 50's skirt was also gorgeous! Fully embroidered...
We also had a special guest....
Little NORTON...
4 days old....
One more reason...
to drink Champagne!
Some words about my outfits....
 I was planning to wear a red beret...
but a few minutes before our guests came, I created this huge french bow!
I was wearing 40's style wedges from Rockets Original.
I chose a patriotic set from Napier bought for a few $ on Ebay, a great bargain!
And while looking for a blue, white, red outfit for my plater model....
I found this brooch that I had totally forgotten!!!
This vintage dress is from the 50's.
Great outfits also for our guests!
Even this small guy respected the dress code...
Some let their mustache grow to look more ... frenchy!
Some had more ... hair... :-)
So what about Sylvain's outfit???
You perhaps didn't recognize him....
Blue 30's suit and vintage customized 20's boater...
like Maurice Chevalier!!!
Quite strange to see him with glasses...
We also received on the same day the book "LOVE ME THUNDER", a book about the french and european Rockabilly scene where we are pictured! I will make a post about it later.

A little dance show... 

a cosy meal and it was already past midnight!!!!

I used my 50's parisian dishes for dessert! 

A new year have just started, so it's the perfect timing to wish you all the best for the upcoming months!!!
Was your New Year Eve fun?
What did you wear to enter this new year?


  1. I love your parisian dishes. They look really lovely^^ And all the outfits are just gorgeous^^

  2. Love your outfits! :) looks like a really nice party.

  3. Such a splendidly lovely celebration of France! I adore both of your outfits, as well as those of your fashionably attired guests (your friend's Eiffel Tower hat is delightful!). You two truly throw the most inviting looking get-togethers.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Looks like a wonderful evening. Your dress is beautiful, and I love your friends eiffel tower hat, fab idea. I had a quiet night in, although I longed to go out! xxx

  5. I love this post! The eyeglass photograph is great!! The patriotic theme is so fun:)) It's nice that you would also match in the states :) The Eiffel Tower hat is the it! What a great party and hosts!

  6. Everyone looks fantastic! What a great party! Wish I could be there-we have the same colors in our flags hehehe The bracelet is my fave-great find mama! xox

  7. What a felicitous evening! So many wonderful outfits, yours cheif amoungst them! Red, White and Blue always looks smart, and you are very clever to just 'whip' up the bow for your hair. xx Shauna

  8. I love your dress! You look so festive. What a fun night!

  9. Lovely as always, Laurence! Glad to see everyone came dressed up. :) Happy New Year!

  10. Bonnes Année à vous deux ainsi qu'à Francois et Marie. Espérons passer de bons moments avec vous tous en 2013!

  11. How marvelous is your house!? I love it! So bubbly and bright! And it looks like you had a delightful New Years while both you two and your guests looked marvelous!


  12. you all looked stunning! what an amazing start in 2013. looking great and having a lovely party with lovely friends!

  13. What a lovely party! I love your blog. Your house looks amazing and so do your cars!