Sunday, January 6, 2013

Xmas market in LUXEMBOURG...

So we will came back to a Xmas mood for this post...

We went last Sunday to Luxembourg's Christmas market.
It was a mix of french and german markets.
"Ich liebe dich" gingerbreads from Germany...
Cheese from France...
Some marzipan characters...
There are always so much good things to eat at those kind of traditional markets!!!
Glühwein is a must drink! It's hot wine with spices like cinnamon.
Sylvain didn't want me to change the light on the next picture...
he told me that I looked like an angel...

We were with friends from Paris, so we were like tourists!
In front of the Grand Duke's palace...
the "Royal" familly in Luxembourg!
The weather was cold but hopefully no rain.
Old city is always a good place to walk in.
We noticed those two 40's busts in a storefront!

We visited some churches.

Most churches windows in our area are from the 50's because of huge WWII damages. 

We stopped at a nice tearoom to warm us up!

We shared a drink and a meal...
and night was already here!
Some more shopping...
a lot of clothes have been 30's and 50's inspired this season!
but vintage ones are always the best!
Some night views...
of the Christmas market.
 We wanted to show our friends one of the most beautiful mid century building of the city...

Must has been selling american cars in the 50's!
Have you Christmas markets where you live?
Do you like mid-century architecture?


  1. I was wondering, how many languages do you speak?

    1. French of course, english and I can understand german and luxembourgish but not fluent... I would be interested to speak more german!

    2. That is quite amazing, I wish they pushed us more to learn other languages. My family in Canada can all speak, English, French and Italian. Me, just English.

  2. Love the photos of the market. They have a Chris Kindlemarket here in Chicago at the Daley Plaza downtown. It has the traditional red and white striped awnings and goodies like marzipan and spiced wine. Not quite as charming as yours though! The cheese looks amazing - I remember loving that in France. I love the photo of the 50s era stained glass and that car dealership. Looks like a fun night!

  3. What a lovely way to spend a day! The four of you look so sharply dressed and your hair looks so pretty!

  4. It is my dream to spend the Christmas season in Europe one day! Maybe I will get there again someday...

  5. Oh this looks like so much fun. I would be in heaven! I would love to have a small apartment in Paris and then I could take nice little trips like these:) It's so nice to see your travels.

  6. You know, I'm not in the mood to part with Christmas one iota yet this year. We're a week into January now and I still want to celebrate, so I love that you continued to post about the holidays until now.

    What a super fun day you guys had! I adore your outfit and hair. Curly Persian lamb's fur has always been a beloved favourite of mine, so I just about swooned when I saw some adorned your wonderful coat. Your whole ensemble is pretty, stylish and lovely looking!

    Wishing you a marvelous Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. That all looks so charming! I'm ready to hop on a plane right now!

  8. Your blog posts always look so dreamy. I wish I could be there in an outdoor market, wandering around..sounds so lovely. And you look fab as always!

  9. The Luxembourg market looks very much like the German Christmas market in Chicago!

  10. the best christmas market i've ever been to is in france/elsass. sadly i forgot the name of this gorgeous little town hidden between the mountains ... 'kaiserblabla' ... i live close to the french border ... strasbourg is not too far ... we thought about checking out some french flea markets this spring. any ideas where to go?

    1. Yes, it's Kaysersberg! I had lived in Strasbourg for about 10 years for my studies.
      They are many good flea markets in Alsace but only when sunny weather is back... It's in June that they are the best. Check this site a week before planning your trip:

  11. What a divine trip! I only visited Luxembourg once while I lived in Italy. It was a grand trip but it was also in the summer. The lights and decorations from your trip are so beautiful and romantic!