Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nice hair and Quilted SKIRT...

Time to come back to a simple outfit post, I know you like them!

The first thing you will notice is probably my hair!

I use this kind of hair rollers to curl them, it gives a nice result but it's sometimes hard to sleep when they are on... that's the main reason that I don't curl them all the time. So I'm thinking to try hot hair rollers soon.

Sylvain's hair are also just perfect! Thanks to his amazing hairdresser... ME!!!!
You must ask yourselves what is this building behind us on those pictures!
It's a 50's auditorium in a park near home.
Even church is 50's because our area was so dammaged during WWII.
Look at this copper sculpture!

And those stylish mosaic birds!

Sylvain was wearing a late 40's wool shirt...
and a stuning 50's flecked jacket.
And what about me?

My outfit's master piece is this 50's quilted circle skirt!
Its color is hard to capture because the fabric is shiny!
I bought this skirt NOS in Los Angeles last spring.

My first quilted skirt.. circle skirts are often hard to find in my L size because they mostly belonged to teenage girls in the 50's with 24-26'' waist...

My 50's hat was bought many years ago in a vintage cars show.

One word about Haute Rockabilly Fashionista, check her great Giveaway there!
What do you use to curl your hair?
Have you already tested HOT hair rollers? Are they good for hair?



  1. Love your quilted skirt, they always have such great prints.

  2. I'm in love with your skirt! It's just perfect! <3
    And about hair curling - I have the same rollers as you used this time, but I rarely use them - in my opinion they are uncomfortable and they make to loose curl. The most often I do ragcurls - and today I'm going to try pin curls for the first time and check out how do they work :)


  3. Love your outfit! Your hair looks beautiful. And that skirt is amazing.

    Hot roller sets don't last long at all for me, I can only use them if I need to shower in the afternoon and go out in the evening. I usually use foam rollers, which are more comfy than those bendy rollers and the curl holds better with them than the bendy ones for me personally.

    I love your quilted circle skirt. Sadly many years ago I had to let go of one that my mom had thrifted probably in the 80s, as it was just too small and I knew that was never going to change!

  4. I have never seen a quilted skirt before-how neat! You look fantastic as always and I adore the curls!! xox

  5. Your skirt is beautiful, what a lovely outfit. The mosaic birds are great too.

  6. I have very fine hair that does not like to hold a girl. So, to use a hot set doesn't work well for me. Though, I have found that steam rollers (the old kind with the salt) do keep a set longer. It just takes so long to do. So, I typically us sponge rollers or rags (actually socks, and sometimes will I feel like inflicting lots of discomfort on myself - magnetic rollers. I have yet to master the pin curl even though I have the pin curl tool.

    You quilted skirt is very pretty.

  7. I love the quilted skirt, I had never seen one before!

    I use hot rollers sometimes and they work pretty well for my hair as long as I use small enough rollers and prep my hair with a styling solution first. Sometimes I can even get two days out of one setting.

  8. You two are just so stylish. I love the backgrounds for your photos, too!

  9. Your hair is picture perfect beautiful! Both in terms of curl and colour, it's very similar here to my maternal Aunt Lori's locks (oh how I wish nature had blessed me with the same hair it gave her!), which strikes me as being rather neat. Your outfits are always amazing, not at all simple, no matter the time of the year and that's a huge part of why I could never, ever get enough of seeing them!

    ♥ Jessica

  10. you both look as great as always. this skirt is absolutely stunning!
    i'm struggeling with rollers anyway ... no my hair does ... ;) i'm still looking for the perfect solution.

  11. Hi Laurence, I was recently given the Leibster blog award and I popped you down as one of my recommended blogs. I'm not at all offended if you don't want to go ahead with passing on the award etc as it's a bit of work. I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog and wanted to share it with others, xx Shauna