Saturday, February 18, 2012


After cold... rain!!! I'm really fed up with this winter and hope sunny days will be soon here.

So the best thing with rain is that I can go out with one of my vintage umbrellas! I found this one a long time ago, it's in a nice mint color with handpainted flowers.

You can better see here the modern boots I found in a local store in December... My favorites for this bad winter with a nice retro look.

When it's raining I definitively need some funny accessories to give me a better mood. So I pick up a nice cherries necklace....

and a crazy 40's hat! I really love those kind of hats, first you think "What a ridiculous hat!" and after wearing it you will fastly become a fan and think "What a cute hat!".

The cherries necklace is not a real one from the 40's... I cannot afford $500 for one so it's just a reproduction made with bakelite and resine bought $40 on Ebay a month ago. I put also some cherries on my bag...

Oh! I forgot to speak about my dress. It's a french 40's dress made of wool with green and white small stripes. I found it in a car show about 5 years ago. I really love the fake pockets!

Do you love rainy days?
Do you use vintage umbrellas?


  1. Wow, you look amazing! That umbrella is to die for!! I agree, the silliest hats are the best hats :) I love rainy days. If it's warm, I like to play in the rain (with my vintage umbrellas) and keep the windows open all day so I can smell the rain throughout the house. If it's a cold rain, I like to snuggle inside in my pajamas and knit or watch movies all day.

  2. I love the cherries, of course, and the hat is so sweet. The dress too! Rain here is always torrential, and makes for greater humidity - umbrellas do little, so I try and stay inside, or just give up and get wet.

  3. You look great! And a very uplifting look for a rainy days- visual vitamins!

  4. what a beautiful dress.You look great.That umbrella is very pretty.I always look for vintage ymbrellas but they are either faded or in bad shape to use.Love your hat such a pretty vibrant it.

  5. I love your whole outfit and it looks so cute with the umbrella! I love the bag and the little cherry on it, so cute! XxxX