Sunday, February 5, 2012


I don't know if everybody around the world know that we have a incredible freezing weather here in Europe these last few days. -20°C (-4°F) last night here in North East of FRANCE!!!! The good thing is that our days are really sunny with just enough snow to make our landscapes white!
I have just seen on TV that Roma and Alger was surrended by snow, not a really usual situation...

But life goes on.... our vintage life of course!!! So let's go outside for some shopping...

It's really a good time to go out with fur...

Sorry I will not show you the beautiful 40's suit under my coat... too cold to remove it!!!

Husband is also wearing his heavier sweater...

I love the cut of this coat, mainly the back... I found it some years ago in a vintage shop in L.A... I don't think it was worn once in California, it's so warm!

I think I would like a little bit more snow and some more degrees...

Winter is absolutly not my favorite season... you must layer so much clothes to be warm that the result is sometimes a little bit strange and I can feel like a polar teddy bear!!!

Do you enjoy winter ?
Do you wear vintage during these so cold days ?

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  1. Wow, you make those temperatures look like they don´t even exist! Such cool sunglasses :).
    I for my part wouldn´t dare leaving the house without a hat and wearing a warm cozy hat is the only advantage of the recent weather.

  2. Holy cow. I remember what is was like at +1C in Bern and I was FREEZING; it is currently -16C there! I can't even imagine. I'm used to way colder than -20C here in Calgary, but it is a very, very dry cold so only exposed skin/thinly veiled skin really feels it. I ADORE your coat, as always you both look impeccable :)

  3. Even here in Italy the cold is no joke! They call it Siberian cold, temperatures are much lower than the norm.
    Late, I'm putting the plants into the house .... Your coat is beautiful ....


  4. It was honestly beautiful seeing the snow drop last night i sat by my window for such a long time until i could no longer see the floor. Though today i woke up to the snow looking so disgusting haha! i'm just hoping i dont slip and fall on my route to college tomorrow morning! But you make walking in the snow look good!

  5. You two look so good together. I LOVE your jacket! I wish we had gotten more snow.

  6. Replies
    1. Wow you look gorgeous and so does your husband! I love your whole outfit, it goes so well together! XxxX

  7. I'm enjoying your blog so much. If you head over to my blog you'll find an award waiting for you to pick up.

  8. Your outfit is adorable!! What a sweet jacket!

    Here in the Northeastern U.S. those are just typical winter temperatures, tragically enough; but I hope it warms up there soon!

  9. Hey Laurence, I just discovered your blog after reading the post on queens of vintage- well done! I am from Australia and live by the sea, so our winters are quite mild. I am however moving soon to colder climes- so are interested to see how I might adjust my wardrobe- thanks for the great post!