Sunday, February 12, 2012

A nice and freezing FLEA MARKET....

Really cold weather is still there but it didn't stop us to go out yesterday for a flea market with friends!!! Fortunatly it was an inside one... but even inside it was cold so I choose a russian style with a lot of furs!!!

I finally choose to bring home those full lenght mannequin on the left side.. so realistic!!!

I try to threaten some of brokers to have a lower price...

So much nice things to see...

I found those really nice 50's vase from Italy.

Ah girls! Always crazy about puppets.. The cute donkey and rabbit find a new home!

And it was time to search a little bit more heat... why not in a mexican restaurant?

You probably noticed my vintage purse, it's a cute straw and lucite purse cover with beads just received in my mail box a few days ago... Love it!!! It's more a summer purse but I could not resist to wear it right now!!!

I was amazed by these Tapas Towers...

What a colorfull meal for a cold winter !

And it was time to come home with some thrift stores in our route of course...

This is the '48 Chevy pick-up of our friends, they are making a nice retoration on it.

Tea time...

Sorry but I forgot to take some nice pictures of the dress I was wearing... just a few "stolen pictures" to let you guess the beauty of this amazing early 50's dress. It's made of black wool with a full skirt and there is an incredible silver beading work on cuffs and colar. I found this dress in a parisian vintage store about 10 years ago probably the most beautiful winter dress I have ever own!

And you must want to know what did we buy ???

Some nice 40's overalls for the guys from a militaria NOS, a 40's metalic suitcase from the NAVY and a toolbox for the pick-up!

My husband found this NOS late 40's shoes in perfect size !!!

I found those nice bakelite earings and this brooch.

Barkclothes from the 50's... what a lovely color !

And the biggest purchase of the day was this 50's dressing table, I fell in love with the chair... This set will need a good cleaning and I will have to find a good place for it, but where ????

Don't forget to check if you are the winner of my giveaway here.

Do you wear fur in winter ?
Have you been lucky lately in flea markets ?


  1. LOVE your coat! And as always, everything else, lol. I didn't get to any gems of flea markets like this when I was there so I'm curious, for price comparisons, how much is stuff like the barkcloth or bakelite earrings there?
    Also thank you SO much for the blog award the other day; I did see it I just haven't gotten around to blogging it yet!

  2. So the prices : earrings - 1 euro and barkclothes - 2 euros each....

  3. O My goodness, how many things, beautiful fabric that you have taken, and then I had never seen Tapas Towers, everything looks very tasty.


  4. Love the dressing table. So perfect for a smaller space. I don't even have room for that, though. Sigh!

  5. That dressing table is too die for ! I've been looking for a dressing table for my bedroom. You jacket is gorgeous.

  6. What lovely finds.your dress is just gotgeus.And that vanity and stool is so cute.Just love it.

  7. I'm very jealous of your gorgeous winter outfit! the coat, hat, dress... all of it! :)
    Great finds too, and very good prices!! I love the dressing table!

  8. Such a lovely outfit and amazing finds! XxxX