Saturday, February 4, 2012

My first GIVEAWAY...

And here it comes.... my first GIVEAWAY!!! I'm really proud to have reach the 100 followers this week and I know there are much more people who follow it without being a follower!
I don't have any sponsors for my blog so I had to search in my cupboards what I can offer to you and which will be easy to ship worldwide...

So here are what I found for you :

First a so cute keyschain from the 50's (perhaps early 60's)! I own exactly the same for my '54 Chevrolet but in an aqua color, just check the following picture. This cat also exist in black and red!

And I think that a lot of you love nice 50's fashion pictures and drawings, vintage magazines and sewing! So I will also offer 3 vintage sewing magazines from 1953 and 1957.

The covers of these magazines are not in perfect condition with some tears and names written on them, but there are so much nice things to see inside!!!

Summer dresses...


Winter coats...

Winter dresses...

Full skirts and wiggle dresses...

Wedding dresses and nice knitts...

And the best thing for you who know how to sew and knitt.... you can find all the pattern of these beauties in these magazines in various sizes!!!! But be carefull these magazines are german, I don't speak really well german but these kind of magazines are my favorites european ones because they show everyday fashion and not only HAUTE COUTURE! Moreover I always dream to be able to use all those patterns... I own about 400 of these german magazines!!!

Google translate can easyly help you to understand the patterns instructions....

Look here to see scan of about all vintage Burda magazines.


First chance to win: you must be a follower of my blog of course and leave a comment which tell me which of my older post did you prefer. It will help me to know what you like to read: vintage magazines, flea markets, vintage cars, outfits posts...????

Second and third chance to win : share this giveaway on your blog or on Facebook and leave another comment with your links!

Good luck to all!!! Winner will be announced next week the 12th of february.


  1. I liked the post about your vintage glasses best!
    I'm into vintage glasses and porcelain myself and therefore I always like to see, what other people have found on fleamarkets or ebay! :-)

    I love your blog - it's so awesome, keep it going! :-)

  2. I posted on my FB!!!

  3. And blog about it...

  4. I like ALL your posts but if i have to go with one,i will choose the vintage glasses as well!Geeee what a sight for sore eyes that collection is!!!

  5. I love your outfit posts. You're always so ladylike and put together. :)

  6. Horray! Congrats on your milestone. I always love your beautiful outfits and shopping finds! X

  7. Strike, German magazines! Perfect for me :-)
    Hard to tell, but I enjoy your fleamarket adventures and your personal theme party entries :-)

  8. Congrats on 100! I myself am hoping to reach this milestone this year also! I lke you post about the Lincoln continental. My fella father has one and have always thought they were one of the classiest cars. I like a dame who's into cars also. Where I come from that doesn't happen very often.
    Congrats again!

    1. I am a follower! I have to say my favorite post is actually the last on "50's sweater girl". I adore the whole outfit. From the sweater to the coat to the lovely green gloves that you can barely see of your hands. And that bag! To die for!

  9. I'm a follower! I really love looking at old magazines. It really gives you a good ideas of what types of fabrics we used and the small details that make the outfits.

  10. I love the posts about your vintage vehicles. I am also an owner of a vintage beauty, 1965 Buick Skylark.

  11. ooooooh...Adorable kitten, congratulations.
    I love all of your blog is very varied and colorful, and I am very curious about the post on what you find in various flea markets.

  12. Im glad I found your blog its a delight. I love all your posts especially the ones about flea markets. But if I have to choose my favourite it is on your tumblers. I recently have been forced to buy vintage glass as a seller I have much admired has decided to move and is selling all his stock. So far I have purchased some pin up girl tumblers and some babycham glasses. Next on the list are shot glasses.

  13. Congrats on 100 followers! I'm not sure I could pick a favourite post. I love your outfit posts but I also love the variety of things you post about :)

  14. Another follower here. ^__^

    I really liked your Halloween party post. But a close second was the post about your vintage-themed wedding. I just loved all of the fun photos.

  15. Hello ! so I posted your link on my facebook page!!

    I want the knitting magazines !! :)))))

    My favourite posts are the Second Hand Market when you show us your wonderful finds ! :) x x x

  16. I want to enter! awesome giveaway :) Im a follower!


  17. oh what lovely prizes :) i'm also a follower and constantly admire your outfit posts!

  18. I also just blogged about this :)

  19. I loved this post!

    But my favorites are also posts with you and your husband, you two just make such a cute couple!


  20. i'm a follower, and love your outfits posts and.. cars <3


  21. Oooh, German Patterns are a wonderful chance for german girls, 'cause we understand it very easily ;)

    I love your Posts about the "Flohmarkt", 'cause it show what wonderful things we could find!

  22. Wow, what a great giveaway! I just became a follower and I'm honestly a bit surprised I hadn't found this lovely blog of your before! Well, now I've got lots of catching up to do with your old posts. Going through part of them, I already and immediately found my favorite post! This one, about Jukeboxes: I simply love jukeboxes! Another great post was the one about dieting, just prior to the jukebox post.

  23. And I just shared on my blog:

  24. here is my second comment ! :))) I want to win !!

  25. Here we go! I FBed it :)

  26. AND I blogged about it:

  27. AND lastly, I really liked this post ( I *LOVE* travel and all kinds of ephemera connected to it. I would love to find a collection like this one day!

    I do, however, love ALL your posts :) They are very well written, and you and your husband are just fabulous.

  28. I loved the post with all the vintage cocktail glasses. I really love the outfit posts too, but all of your posts are interesting.

  29. What a lovely little cat!

    It's hard to find a favourite post as you are always are inteersting, but I really liked the one about Hollywood portraits:

    I follow you and I will mention you on FB.

  30. Hello, I am your new follower!!I LOVE all your posts
    especially the outfit posts!!What a great giveaway!!

  31. Hi! I have followed your blog, am commenting here, and have reposted on Facebook and my own blog... so that makes three entries, right?

    My favourite post of yours is "HATS from PARIS!!!!" - I WISH I could have a huge frivolous hat collection!

    Here is the link to my Facebook page where I linked to your blog (I hope you can see that!).

    And my blog where I made a post about it!

    I actually need some magazines like this for my university dissertation this year, believe it or not! So I'm really hoping to win.

    OK, that's it from me!



    p.s. J'ai appris le français sept ans au collège, mais j'étais trop timide de t'écrire completèment en français!

  32. De rien! Et je sais que c'est complètement, pas completèment!

    This is comment number two, for my Facebook page.

  33. And a third comment, for my blog!

  34. Hi, I'm a follower, and I'd love to enter!!

    I just love your outfit posts the best... you and your husband look amazing, and how I envy your incredible wardrobe!!

  35. Following via GFC at Natiiii! Firstly I wanna say you have an AMAZING sense of style! I won't lie, this is my first time here but I already fell in love with your blog! I love retro and i am now having a thing for pinup. so my favourite posts are definietly your outfit posts, so elegant! thank you for the chance :) really cute keychain!
    balintnati at gmail dot com

  36. made a blog post about it:


  37. Second entry = my blog about your giveaway :-)

  38. I'm a new follower (Holly S.), but I love your style!!! Looking back through your posts, I love anything to do with vintage fashion from the 60's and back. Vintage magazine scans, vintage finds, anything related to sewing. I love strange or weird (to us now) vintage ads (your 'dieting' post is a perfect example) for strange and mysterious beauty creams, Lysol brande douche, etc. Thanks so much for the giveaway; I'm super-excited and I can't wait to see more posts from you!