Sunday, February 19, 2012


I don't know if a lot of you know MARIE-CLAIRE. It's a french fashion magazine for women. The first issue was published in 1937, it was a weekly magazine, about 800 000 copies at the beginning.

I will share some pictures of the late 30's, early 40's Marie-Claire's covers. I have a lot of these 30's issues (and all issues from 1954 to 1965) but I must tell you that the covers are really more interesting than what is inside. It was a cheap black and white magazine like a news-paper quality...

Look at all those amazing hats, what a dream!!!!

This title was indeed the first modern women's magazine, open to American influences and claiming the emancipation of women and promotion in society.

In addition, Marie-Claire was perceived by the clergy as a "threat to chastity and fidelity"!!!

There were also other fashion magazines in the late 30's: some for high society like "L'officiel" with Haute Couture only or some magazines to sew or knitt like "Mode et Travaux".

Women were immediately captured by Marie-Claire's new concept, but the issue of the magazine was discontinued in 1942, like most French press titles.

After the WWII, all magazines who kept publishing during the occupied France were considerated like they betrayed their country that's why Marie Claire reappears as monthly only in 1954 (ELLE replaced Marie-Claire in the heart of french women in 1945) but Marie-Claire is still now one of best sellers in FRANCE.

I don't wear a lot of 30's clothes but I really love late 30's fashion especially hats. The most beautiful covers of Marie-Claire were from 1937 to 1939... during the war fashion was less colorful and paper was hard to find.

When I look at those 1939 fashion pictures (often in color) I cannot stop myself to ask "What would have been the fashion of the 40's-50's without the WWII?????"

Did you know Marie-Claire?
What do you think about late 30's fashion?



  1. All of these covers are gorgeous! I've seen Marie Claire on the news stand but I don't really buy magazines anymore. I wish I could have all the hats on the cover page.

  2. GORGEOUS hats and outfits - wow! I absolutely LOVE them!!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  3. I have seen those mags.very beautiful covers.What a great collection to have and I agree the hats were amazing.

  4. Oh wow, beautiful covers. Some of the poses are hilarious to me-- especially the 4th and last ones.

    The fourth: "Oh dear, I seem to have dropped a bit of chocolate on my coat. Hey, is that cute guy looking at me? He is! How can I hide the stain? I know-- I'll use this plant thing! La la la, don't mind me, just playing with these leave over here..."

    The last: "Hmph, my husband doesn't seem to have noticed my new matching hat + gloves set. Maybe if I stand here like THIS and stare at him he'll get a hint."

  5. wow, these hats are breath taking! thanks for sharing these photos and the history behind the magazine!

  6. Thanks so much for this!The hats are to die for!

  7. Such lovely photos, thanks so much for showing and letting me drool! XxxX

  8. Hello - I am captivated by the covers but I am intrigued about the rest of the magazine. The cover has French words on it, was the whole magazine written in French? or just the cover? Was the inside both articles and pictures? I know you say it was black and white, just wondering. Thanks for your time!