Sunday, March 18, 2012

A trip to the USA !!!!

So we are leaving for California in 6 days and I'm so excited!!!!
The USA is one of our favorite destination to travel, it's so easy to rent a car knowing where you want to start and where you want to finish and make a crazy road trip!!!

Our first trip there together was in late 90's. I was only 19 years old and it was for a 5 weeks travel along the Route 66 from Chicago to L.A. I will remember it all my life!

What we love the most are Antique Malls! These kind of goodies supermarkets don't exist in Europe... We can spend hours inside to look at all these treasures!

In front of an Antique Market during our last US trip!

It will be our third time to California (fifth for my husband!) so it will be more a shopping trip than a touristic trip!!!
We will spend 4-5 days in San Fransisco and afterward it will be Los Angeles and we will finish by Viva Las Vegas!!!

I was so afraid to see that a lot of gals were preparing their VLV suitcase 3 month ago!!!! I finished mine only today.

Here is an overview of what I put in my suitcase:

I packed a lot of coton dresses, easy to wear and can be worn with a sweater for cooler weather!

As I cannot bring all the coats I want and my hats, I needed to choose a lot of cool costume jewelery!!!

I also packed some hawaian stuff for Viva.

Also some evening dresses...

We usually use vintage suitcases but for plane boarding we use modern ones because they are so bad treated!!! I'm always afraid to put my vintage clothes in the holds of the aircraft because I fear that they can lose my suitcase!!!

I will bring with me a special skirt for Easter!!!! So cute...
I'm afraid not to have bring a lot of warm clothes!!! We will see.


But it's OK for me everything is ready: clothes, shoes, hair stuff, jewelery.... it's my husband worries now to pack his things... much more easy for a guy, isn't it?


I hope to be able to meet some of you in VLV and why not share a drink! I'm praying for good weather....

Will you be at Viva Las Vegas this year?

Do you know amazing places not to miss in SF, LA or Vegas?
Vintage clothing shoppes? Antique Malls? Flea markets?
 Museums? Restaurants? Club?

Turban style

So it's our last week-end in France... Our plane will take off from Paris to San Fransisco next Saturday!!! For those who don't know, we are going to Viva Las Vegas.
It was time to do last minute shopping in order to prepare our suitcases.
Here is today's look for both of us:

So I chose a 40's look with a turban.

We had a wonderful week with warm temperatures and sun. But as usual, our week-end is windy and rainy!!!

"...Just singing in the rain...."

Time to show you another of my vintage umbrellas...

I found this purse more than 10 years ago in the largest european flea market in Lille. It's the first week-end of Septembre every year and it's really crazy: 2 days non stop day and night about 10000 dealers!!!! 

My umbrella come from a flea market in Belgium bought for 50 cents and this dress is the first 40's dress I ever owned. I found it in a small french flea market and it's quite rare to find vintage clothes in flea markets here. 

My husband  and I often try to match our clothes by era and colors but not today... complete opposite!!! He wore a 50's gray style.

Turban is really convenient for the bad hair days!!! And also when you travel and cannot bring hats with you...

This nice 50's shirt is my last birthday present for him!

I saved this 40's wool jacket from a Halloween rack in a small shop in Montréal 2 years ago for CAN$7!!! What a bargain...

Do you often wear turban ?
Do you sometimes try to match your man's clothes ?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I don't know if a lot of you know about the french MAGINOT LINE.
The Maginot Line (Ligne Maginot in french), named after the French Minister of War André Maginot, was a line of concrete fortifications, tank obstacles, artillery casemates, machine gun posts, and other defences, which France constructed along its borders with Germany and Italy, in light of its experience in World War I, and in the run-up to World War II. Generally the term describes only the defences facing Germany, while the term Alpine Line is used for the Franco-Italian defences. You can learn more about it there.

As I live really close to german border there are Maginot buildings about everywhere around my village. The biggest one near home is called IMMERHOF, I visited it inside last year for a 40's party and it was really interesting to know more about our local history and share the passion of a group of enthusiasts who renew and protect the fort.
They asked us last Sunday to lend our vintage cars to make some ads for this militaria building.

Unfortunatly the weather was not really good...

It was the first out of my Chevy this year... vintage cars don't like all this salt in our winter roads!

You must have noticed that I wore pants on that day... I think it's the first time on this blog! I don't wear them a lot but it's sometimes more convenient even if dresses are my first love!!!

Interesting to learn more about vintage guns...

Bonnie and Clyde...

The "thing" in the foreground is showing the Liberty road. They are used to remember where the american army and the allied forces crossed France to liberate our country in 1944.

And we spent a nice afternoon with friends...

around a new hot-rod in our neighborhood...

still under construction hoping to be ready for summer!!!

Have you ever heard about MAGINOT LINE?
Do you wear trousers a lot?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Vintage cars show

It was a really busy week-end for me, I bring a lot of nice pictures for you dear readers but I was so tired that I didn't post anything! So we went to Reims last Saturday for a big vintage cars show.

A lot of nice cars....

But also one of my favorite vintage clothes dealer!!!

She always has a lot of amazing vintage hats, most of them are often new old stock!

It's always the first stall that I visit in this swap meet that we visit every year!

I can spend hours to look at all these treasures!!!

My problem is when I try a hat I must definitively buy it! So much style, colors and NOS!!! I could not resist....

I came back home with all the above hats and another late 40's black hat and for a quite affordable price...

I resisted to this beautiful bra and fur stole because they were not in perfect condition... so hard!

There were also a lot of cars parts and some vintage toys.

Some WWII memorabilia...

Car parts and car parts....

The hat I'm wearing is one of my first vintage hat but I cannot believe it was the first time I wore it!!! Its veil are so fragile...

Here are both of us in front of our friends' car, a '55 Cadillac. It was the bride's car for our wedding!

Most of parts are for french vintage cars so we don't go there for that but more to meet some interesting people and of course friends.

It was still cold this week-end.

And after a good chineese restaurant with friends, it was time to come back home... 

It's harder and harder to store all my vintage hats....

Oh, I also came back with this pretty 50's dress and this vintage slip...

Can you resist to vintage clothes that fit you?
Have you a month vintage budget? 

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I will have a great piece of news to announce next month! And for that I needed to shoot some vintage style portraits of myself... not easy with our small camera with no professional photographer, but the model is great, isn't she? :-)))

So here is the result of this fast shooting:

For this shooting and also for a friend's birthday party, I chose this outfit. I really love vintage suits but it's somethimes hard to find the perfect size! Moreover you are often overdress with a suit nowadays but I don't care! It's not a shame to be elegant!!!

I will speak a bit more about my accessories.

I have just received those amazing Miss L Fire shoes in black suede and leather with fake snake print! These shoes are so beautiful and I love all their details!!! I decided to wear a matching snake skin purse and I picked up a nice lilac lucite set. I love lilac color I think it suits me but I know that a lot of people don't like lilac color...

The flecked fabric and the details of this suit are so NEW LOOK!!! Brooches are such lovely accessories what a pity that modern fashion doens't use them anymore... 

My hat has a heart shape. Lovely!

It's time to go out with just a fur stole... spring will be here soon!

What do you think about this picture's colors? My husband loves and I'm not a big fan.

I tried a new hair style and I think it turned out great!

And a special thanks for my nice photographer....

He is also worth a portait, isn't he?

And why not a big kiss???

Do you like to be a model ?
Do your often wear vintage suits ?