Friday, September 30, 2011

Hollywood Portraits

I made a really nice find in a flea market this summer... I bought a huge lot of vintage pictures (probably not original ones), this is a lot of Hollywood Portraits and movies scenes from the 30's thru the 50's, most from the 30'-40's. Some are in color but I really prefer the B&W ones. All these pictures are so glamorous!!!

First I was watching them at the Market to buy only perhaps 10 of them but each one was more beautiful than the other and it was so hard to choose. So we decided to take them all and we made an offer to the seller.

When we came back home we compted all these portraits and classed them depending of their era: more than 1350 pictures!!!!

These pictures are quite large about A4 format. Here are some examples from this treasure.

There are not so many men pictures, but I'm just pleased with that because I love actresses' portraits the most. So many things to watch on women: dresses, hairs, hats, shoes, make-up, jewels...

Look at this amazing dress!!!

Some of these pictures show how amazing the 40's fashion could be.

For me who is a vintage hats lover, I was able to see really amazing hat so well pictured!

In this lot, there are also some funny and cute pictures like these ones :

The are also a lot of couple pictures, here are some examples.

A lot of great great hair styles!

Some pin-up showing their best bathing suits!!!

Some vintage brides!!!

Some WWI memories.

A lot of dance scenes from 30's and 40's musicals.

If I can find a good hair dresser (still not find a good one here), I choose these 2 ladies for their hair style, I think it could fit me, quite the same cut I already have but shorter and curlier.

I cannot show you all these pictures but I thing with those examples, you can see how amazing this collection is. I think I prefer starlets than great stars, their pictures are always more fun.

I made some Hollywood Portraits with my Husband in Rhythm Riot weekender some years ago. Here is a 2004 picture by Gordon Ayres.

Do you like vintage Hollywood Portraits?
Have you ever done one of yourself?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our vintage WEDDING...

A lot of people ask us about our wedding. So I have decided to made a "small" post about it.

My husband and I have known each other for 15 years but we married in April 2006 when we bought our home sweet home.
We choose to have a small wedding, not a big event where you must invite all your cousins and parents friends with whom you have nothing in common. Only our witnesses, brothers, sisters in law and parents.

Of course our wedding was vintage inspired!!!

The party took place in a lovely small 50's hotel with a great view of the city, Thionville.

There were 2 vintage cars for our wedding. The bride's car was a 55 Cadillac Convertible and the broom's car was our 59 Cadillac specialy decorated for this great day!

It was a windy but sunny day. I was really proud of my bouquet with beautiful soft colors matching with my dress and some pearls to match my wedding ring, so romantic!

So let's speak about the most important thing for a girl: her wedding dress!!! Mine was not a real wedding dress, but a light pink vintage prom dress from the 50's with a matching stole. My shoes were 50's lucite and gold leather high heels, I realize that I have no pictures of them from this day... I was wearing silk white flowers on my hairs, white gloves and pearl jewels. I also had a white rabbit fur stole for the evening, also from the 50's.

The groom was also really elegant with his brown 50's suit. I don't know if you notice his 40's silk tie with 2 HEARTS, perfect for a wedding...

The most outstanding feature of this wedding it's that it was organized in only 3 weeks!!!! Fortunatly it was early Spring so we could chose the restaurant we wanted. I already had the dress, so I just had to look for accessories.

How was your wedding? Was is a vintage one?
Are you planning to have a vintage style one?

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Purchases!!!!

I love to go to all vintage clothes shoppes when I visit a big city but when I don't travel it's hard to find vintage clothes around my small village. It's rare to find 40's-50's clothes in Flea Markets in Europe but I can easy find accessories like costume jewelery, hats, umbrellas, gloves, fur collars, bags.
So when I'm home my favorite shoppes are and!!!!

Here are my 2 last purchases from Ebay and Etsy newly arrived from the USA...

You can see this amazing 40's hat made of wool with beautiful silk and velvet roses!!! I purchased this beauty from my friend Niki. A really nice girl from Chicago, I met her a year ago during my last trip in the USA...

We spent a nice day together along Chicago's streets...

and we visited the best vintage shoppes in town!!!!

I bought this hat from her Etsy shop BombshellShocked!!!
Please visit her shop often, she's a professional and friendly seller who loves and wears vintage. You can trust her on the condition, the era and the measurements of her clothes!!!

My second purchase is this 50's purse from Ebay just arrived in time for Autumn!!! I really love straw purses, this one is made in Occupied Japan. Fit perfectly with my new hat!

The suit is also quite a new purchase, I bought it in Bruxelles this summer, it's made in USA and never worn. I wear it for the first time for these pictures.

Are you Ebay and Etsy addict like me? Which one do you prefer?

More ALSACE...

Some more pictures of me taken by my friend Lukasz from my trip in Alsace.