Sunday, September 4, 2011

An amazing "FLOHMARKT"!

Living a few miles from several countries is really great! For example I can live in my motherland but work in an other country (I'm working in Luxembourg...). But one of the best advantage is FLEA MARKETS!!!!

In the same day, I can shop in 4 countries!!! My favorite flea markets take place in Belgium and in Germany. It's a lot of fun to be able to do that because you can find so many different items depending on the country of manufacture. In the 40's-50's, each country had its own design for furniture, for dishes, for household appliances... No worldwide design like today!!!! I really love german modern design in everything, it's so atomic!

We have just come back from an amazing and huge flea market in Germany the trunck full of goodies!!!! What a pity that I can not speak better german... but english is really helpfull. We live at just a few miles from the border but french can hardly speak german and the same for german people!

First purchase

After few hours
We could not afford some really nice objects like these ones:

My biggest regret... Made by Cortendorf in
the 50's but its seller asked me 200 euros...
unfortunatly too much for me!

My husband biggest regret...Really amazing
plants table from the 50's! Price was high
and condition far from perfect.

Buying or not some more 50's magazines????
I love vintage toys, dolls and teddy bears, but I don't buy them a lot because I don't know how to display them in my home. So I really enjoy to make a stop by vintage toys stalls: so fun and colorful!

So here is some pictures of our treasures hunt! Just display as found, some cleaning will be usefull for some objects.

And here is the list of what we bought:

- 1 woman glasses from the 40's
- 1 woman glasses from the 50's
- 1 fur purse-muff from the 40's
- 1 snake purse from the 50's
- 1 50's hat
- 1 40's hat
- 2 brooches from the 50's
- 1 red set (necklace and earrings) from the 50's
- 4 really fun egg cups from the 50's
- 5 atomic glasses from the 50's
- 1 50's electrical coffee grinder
- 1 speaker from the 50's
- 1 bottles holder from the 50's
- 1 Christmas tree light from the 30's
- 3 small 50's dishes
- 1 larger pot from the 50's
- 2 kitchen furniture from the 50's
- 2 small 50's "tripod" table
- 2 50's wall lamps
- many spool of thread may be from the 70's
- 1 50's pot for mustard
- 1 50's hawaiian pot
- 2 50's sugar bowl
- 1 set of lucite fruits knifes
- 3 50's clothes hanger
- 4 40's hair clips
- 1 tray from the 50's

Nothing we plan to sale, just all for us to add to our huge collection of vintage items!!!! You must think "They are crazy!!!". Yes, it can be... but so happy to be!

And what about you? Do you love Flea Markets? Are they fun in your area? Do you buy a lot like us?


  1. Im so jealous of you!!!!They are all wonderfull!!!
    I wish we had better flea markets in Greece..:-(

  2. Thanks, I think north east of France, Belgium and Germany are the best places for Flea Markets. This week-end was the biggest european Flea Market in Lille, you can shop during 30h days and night!!! The only problem in european flea markets (compared to US ones)it's that is hard to find vintage clothes there, only fashion accessories.

  3. Hello Laurence, Thank you for all the nice comments you made on my blog.
    I love markets.... food, second-hand, all of them !
    This is pratically impossible to find a cheap flea market in London. Forget about the bargains there! But still, I find loads of great stuffs when I am about !

  4. I was in London in 2009 after a few days at the Rockabilly Rave and I could see that everything were quite expensive!!! But we found a lot of 45 rpm for our juke-box. It's always a pleasure to go to London!

  5. that looks like a good flea market .
    You did well

  6. Oh yes,
    I'm German and even with almost 7 years of french lessons, I don't get this language. ;-)

  7. Im new in germany, where are your best Fleamarkets ???? Im very interested !