Tuesday, November 26, 2013

For MAN or for WOMAN????

So as I mentionned in my last post....

finding warm vintage clothes can be difficult.

I don't know why but for men, it's often the reverse!

It's much more easy to find heavy wool jackets than thin gabardine ones!
Sylvain's winter wardrobe is much more full than his summer one...
Cold don't afraid him!
Did you notice Sylvain fresh haircut? I'm his hairdresser :-)

For girls, mainly L size girls like me, it's difficult to built a vintage winter wardrobe!
So be creative!!!

Why not wearing men's stuf????
I bought this 40's red cardigan for my husband...
But when it arrived, it fitted me better than him!
I was really in love, it's so warm!

Flanel body and knitted sleeves!

I'm pretty sure it was designed for men because of its right side closure, but who cares?  

Another idea to keep your head warm with cold wind... 
This large heavy silk square seems to be a perfect 40's style turban!
That's just one of my souvenir from Venice, not even vintage!
I know, I promised you a tutorial to make this kind of turbans with scarves... I will try to share one soon!
Another advice, this skirt is from a 50's suit, if you don't have many winter separates, wear one time the full suit and after just the skirt or just the jacket with other separates and you will have 3 different outfits with the same one!
For winter try to use bright accessories to fight vintage blues!
Black is always elegant but with this red brooch, it's even more classy!!!
Last details, shoes!
Miss L Fire from their last year collection bought on sale!

It will be soon boots time and it will be less fancy...  

Do you wear sometime men's clothes?
Do you have some advices for cute winter outfits?


Sunday, November 24, 2013

GREEN 40's WINTER coat

And winter is here again....

We had first snow this week!

Even if it's already melted, it's now quite cold....

and you cannot go out without a warm coat!
Matching B&W shoes for husband and wife!!!

Remix shoes for Sylvain...


These shoes are really comfy but if you want to use them outside, you will have to change their soles. 
So let speak about vintage winter coats.
As a lot of vintage lovers, my favorite ones are princess coats.
I usually prefer 40's coats instead of 50's coats because a lot of 50's ones have 3/4 sleeves.
But they are so hard to find at affordable prices and in a larger size!
I often look at vintage coats on Etsy or Ebay, but it's rare that I find one that fit my style, my size and my budget....
But when I saw the details of this coat on Ebay, I fell in love!
Not a princess style, but look at this back!!!
Gorgeous rare forest green color...

and I won it for only $60!!!

I try to buy at least one coat every year...
because with our cold winter time, almost nobody will see what you wear under!
Late 40's black jacket and black, white and green gabardine dress, just for you!

Another cute ERSTWILDER brooch.

Those pictures were taken in the old city of METZ. 

Sylvain also chose a warm jacket.
Look at the back pleats of this vintage treasure!

As I mention every year, winter is not an easy season for vintage lovers! 

Winter vintage clothes are much more harder to find. 

Wool items are often so damaged by mothes that you cannot wear them anymore. 

I love tie that Sylvain was wearing, seem like  several "L"... like my name!!!

That was also a flea market day, so here is what I bought:
a cute 50's basket and some 40's-50's costume jewels!!!

Do you think that it's difficult to wear vintage in winter ?
What kind of vintage coats do you like the most ?