Saturday, November 16, 2013

TIPS for a good VENETIAN trip!

I hope you are not bored about our Venice trip....
be reassured, that's the last post about it!

Our last day begun under the rain and strong wind...
I had to came back to pants and wool jacket :-(

Our last hours were dedicated to shopping....

So they are a lot of shoppes but even showcases were bright and colored.... 

I didn't know what to bring as souvenir as we found no vintage...

I tried some gorgeous leather gloves...
but finally bought 2 beautiful silk scarves made in Venezia!

So a few tips for a good Venice trip.

We have quite a long stay, 
but I must tell you that we didn't feel bored at all even after 6 days.
I think that you must stay at least 3 or 4 days.
We were there in the middle of the week, that's the best option: plane and hotels are really cheaper and there are really less tourists.

Prefer to travel in spring or in fall, less people, cheapper, no heatwave, no nasty odor and no moskitos!

Bring with you comfy flat shoes, you will walk A LOT!!! 

At your arrival, buy a 4 days VAPORETTO ticket, that will be really usefull!
Do you find some similarities in the next picture?

I love pigs... and I will tell you a secret..."Piglet" is the nickname Sylvain gave to me a long time ago...
The weather changes really fast so bring with you something again sun, cold, rain and mainly wind!
If you don't like italian food, you will be dissapointed....

Pizzas and pastas, it's all you will find...
no french food, no asian restaurant and even almost no Mac Donald's, can you believe it? 
Even if gondola is expensive, you HAVE to enjoy a ride, you will see another city! 

Did you know that feeding pigeons is forbidden in Venice?

It's only allowed on San Marco Plaza!
They will easily climb on your arms, shoulders and head...
You can see that we finished that trip under a bright sun!
Another advice is to choose a good hotel if you can afford it....
We were at Ala Best Western, 5 minutes from San Marco Plaza and I really recommend it!

We spent 4 days in Roma a few years ago and we were a bit dissapointed for a few reasons...

 but Venice  has definitely reconciled us to Italy!!! 

Our next trip will be in the USA, what about you?
Did our venitian post made you want to visit Venice?


  1. I've absolutely loved reading your posts about your Venice trip - how could anyone get bored of all those gorgeous pictures!

    Glad you enjoyed your trip to Europe - you'll have to come over to England next time :)

    1. I would love to go back to England!!!! Our last trip there was in 2009... I definitively want to come back!

  2. I've spend a lot of time in Italy, even lived there for a short while. I love Venice, it's good to go their in spring/fall, less tourists.

    I also love Rome, but it's a completely different city.
    Oh well, Italy has so many different places. It has a special place in my heart I guess.

  3. A very wonderful post! What a beautiful place to visit and I love the 50s charm you both added to the city:) You have the most amazing accessories:)

  4. Not bored!.. just jealous!


  5. Venice looks like such a beautiful place and it's definitely one of those places I want to visit some time. I haven't travelled in such a long time I'm willing to go about anywhere right now, haha, but we're saving up for Japan now :)

  6. Someone should give you two your own travel show and/or series of books! I could never get tired of seeing and reading about all the exciting, wonderful places you go, what you wear, the vintage you find, the sights you see, and the excellent tips you share with us.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Fabulous pictures and a fantastic post! I could never be tired hearing about my darling Venezia! Thank you for sharing!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  8. Love the pants! And you do deserve your own tv show. :)

  9. Thanks for your great tips, I would love to go back to Venize, it isso many years ago I kast visited. And you never bore me, dear. Love your post and your inspiring photos. :)}