Monday, September 29, 2014

La VIE en ROSE.... et bleu!!!

We really had a wonderful month of september...

Really sunny and quite hot.

It feel good after such a rainy august!

So I could enjoy a bit more my summer wardrobe!

Have I ever mentionned that pink is one of my favorite color?

Pink is not the best color for curvy girl like me I think... 

Can give a little pigglet style, but who care? I LOVE pink!!!!

When I found this dress on Etsy, I fell in love immediatly!

Look at all those cute details, OMG!

It's so comfy with this style.

 I matched it with my first new Sweedish Hasbeen shoes.

I have wanted to buy some since years but felt that they were really expensive and didn't know if they would be comfortable.

So when I found saled models on Ebay for $45, I bought 2 pairs!

They run a bit long and narrow, the leather is really hard... I suppose that they will be more confortable after wearing them a few times.

Sylvain was wearing a flea market find from Paris...

A really incredible 40's tie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A silky bird of paradise...

I love its colors from pink to blue..., who said that a guy cannot wear pink?

I made a turban with a scarf presented in my last post...

Some people asked me how I fix them on my head,

I just cross 2 pins on each back side of my head,
 see on the picture above.

This dress is a bit too big for me but it's more easy to wear it with hot temperatures!

You really want to do so much differents things when sky is blue,

but summer is now behind us....

it's already smell fall...

How do you feel about pink: pigglet or not?
Do your man wear vintage ties?

Que ce mois de septembre est agréable après un été plus que chaotique.... on profite toujours plus des choses sous le soleil! 
Mes robes en coton sont toujours de sortie, l'occasion d'inaugurer cette petite nouvelle. J'adore le rose... glamour, mais avec le rose on peut vite ressembler à un joli petit porcelet quand on a des rondeurs, mais franchement, je m'en fou, j'aime trop cette couleur pour m'en priver. J'ai finalement craquée après des années de dilemmes pour ces sandales aux semelles de bois, j'ai trouvé de bonnes soldes sur Ebay et payé $45 au lieu des plus de 200 au prix fort. Résultat: plutôt satisfaite par le look, mais pas des masses confortables, le cuir est très dur, mais je pense que c'est en les portant qu'elles deviendront plus souples. Gros coup de coeur pour la superbe cravate de mon homme dégotée aux puces à Paris!
Et vous, vous pensez quoi du rose? Cochon ou glamour? Pour hommes?
- A+ -

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Vintage SCARVES....

I have many collections around vintage fashion but one of my favorites is my vintage scarves!

I'm wearing scarves a lot, most of the time tied on my head like turbans...

but I always feel sad to not be able to show all the beauty of these vintage treasures!

The only way to appreciate their designs is to not wear them...

just look at them like pieces of art!

Some could be even framed, they are like amazing paintings.

Most of the time, 40's-50's scarves have bright joyful colors.

I have pictured here a part of my collection.

Some are interesting because of their easy to match shades or design.

Floral patterns are a basic,

 but you can find so much different ones!

Look at this one inspired by the 4 seasons!

Some are really interesting because of their colors...

the more basics you have, the easier it will be to match them with your outfits!

But you can find also so much fun patterns!!!!

Animals, angels, perfumes, cow boys...

This is really a collection without an end!

Scarf doen't mean boring HERMES squares from your grandma!

What I love the most is silk scarves, but that's also the more fragile, 

so they can be sometimes difficult to find in good condition.

All started with that ballerinas scarf from the 50's...

when I found it in a thrift store in the USA years ago for a few bucks.

I really thought that it was like owning a Van Gogh!

Touristic scarves were really popular in the mid century,
but I must tell you that they are not my favorites.

A good thing about vintage scarves is that you find find them quite easily...

I found those in flea markets, thrift stores, antiques mall, vintage shoppes!
From a few cents to much more if you are looking for designers ones.

Here is my most precious one and best bargain ever!!!

40's scarf to celebrate freedom of France just after WWII found for ... 1 euro!!!

Do you collect vintage scarves?
How do you wear them? I need more ideas!!!

Je vous présente ici une partie de ma collection de vieux foulards... et oui, malgré son image un peu vieillotte du carré Hermès à mémère, le foulard peut être vraiment fun!!! On a un choix sans fin dans les couleurs et les motifs, pour ma part j'adore les porter en turbans. Mais je trouve parfois dommage que portés ainsi on ne puisse pas apprécier la beauté de leurs designs. De plus, ils ont un grand taux de survivance, on les trouve partout: marché aux puces, fripes, boutiques vintage... même si il faut se méfier pour être sûre de leur état, on peut trouver des merveilles pour quelques euros!!! Et vous, vous les portez comment ces œuvres d'art????
- Bonne soirée -