Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grandma or vintage elegance ???

Sorry to have not posted so much lately...

Weather in western Europe is still so bad...
So our moods are not the best...
Rain, rain, rain and even snow near home last week,
can you believe it?

I was also busy to list a lot of my clothes that I want to sell because I need to find place!!!
If you want to see what is wanted a new home, click HERE to see my "FOR SALE" Facebook album! A lot of L and XL sizes.
So these pictures are from last week-end, a little bit of sun between raining times...
This dress is what I call a dilemna....

I have had it in my favorites on Etsy since a long moment but could not decide if I must buy it or not...
Not because of the price, it was really affordable...
My question was: "Would I look like a grandma while wearing this?"
A lot of vintage lovers like hawaiian stuff, pin-up wiggle dresses... probably to feel young and sexy...
Me, I often like floral fabrics... of course I also like novelty, tropical and atomic designs but they are harder to find and so expensive!
So I finally decided to buy this dress because I like it and didn't care if I looked older while wearing it...
I must confess that I turned 35 years old today... so there are a lot of questions that are lately crossing my mind... looking at every small wrinckles...
Do I feel older while wearing vintage or this dress particulary ???
Absolutly not!!! Someone even compared me with Grace Kelly!!!
What a compliment...

I think that nice matching accessories are the secret!!!
40's style wedgies...
A gorgeous 50's sparkling sweater...
HUGE 40's velvet beret and flowers!

That the same for my husband, does he look like a grandpa while wearing vintage?  

  My answer is a NO! Just elegant...

 and even more handsome!!!

Do you think that wearing vintage can makes you look older?
Do you like floral vintage designs?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring or Fall???

Here are a few pictures from last week-end...

We went to a flea market.
We found a lot of stuff: vintage hats, bakelite bangles, records, 40's shoes, 50's umbrella....
It was an indoor event.
We didn't go to many flea markets this year because since spring has started, weather is so strange!
I heard on TV that we have November temperatures.
So much rain...
We only had saturday to enjoy a little bit of sun...
But we don't know what to wear!
A simple coton dress is definitively not enough.
So I chose to wear a suit.
I don't wear suits a lot because it's not the most comfy outfits.
But I love them!
This one is from the late 40's.
This was a gift from a friend in Chicago.
Did you notice this AMAZING jacket that Sylvain is wearing?
I found it on Etsy for him for a quite reasonable price!
Its condition is not pristine but all details are so gorgeous!
It dates back 1955 and this college is in Rochester (NY)...
Look at this back jacket, WAOW!!!

My coat is from the 40's.
I bought it in a vintage shop in Bruxelles some years ago.
I fell in love with this raspberry color and this HOOD!!! 
This collar is really handsome!
It was made in England.

I found this Parisian purse not in Paris but in Vegas!!!

This oak is a memorial from the WWII to thanks US G.I.

 After a cold morning...

we could enjoy garden with sun!

 Did you see my new silly hat?

Also from the 40's!

Lilac are really lovely!!!

I really love my man in red :-)

Do you like to wear suits ?
Do you own a vintage Varsity jacket ?