Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Back to the ROOTS....

Here are a few pictures from the mid of september...

a change of season,

was still sunny like summer but chilly like fall...

I like this period of the year...

when you can wear vintage without fearing the heat...

and not needing a coat yet.

We enjoyed a stroll in the city of Metz...

were I was born by the way...

Time to enjoy a bit more flowers before they will be remplace by autum leaves.

As I mentionned in my last post,

I love floral outfits!!!

and when flowers are PINK...

it's even better!!!

We took those pictures in a beautiful XVIIIth century place.

Handsome hubby in vintage from head to toes!

Gray and red, what a good choice!

I love to hunt vintage ties for him...

I know that it's the kind of gift that he will like for sure.

Pink and black cannot turn wrong!

I were happy just to know that this little bunny was with me!

He matched perfectly my vintage 50's lucite purse.

Even they are quite popular among vintage girls...

lucite purses are not my favorites,

often not enough roomy, too expensive and 

too fragile... always fearing to dammage them!

But so many people complimented me on that day about it.

I can understand if you have never seen one that it can seem outstanding!

I really love that floral skirt made for me

and that Miss L Fire heart sandales...

give the perfect touch to my romantic look!

Sylvain and I have always the same problem when we want to make a photo shoot.

I like all the places that are cute and clean...

and he likes all abandonned, dirty, industrial places...

of course, I know that in the 50's most of french streets looked like that...

with poverty and dirt in the city...

but I like that everything is perfect... 
I'm quite a romantic perfectionist!

Do you prefer clean backgrounds or
 some streets like they could be in the 50's?
Where were you born?

Et nous voici à nouveau entre 2 saisons... un temps idéal pour nous, on peut s'habiller sans avoir à craindre la chaleur et un manteau n'est pas encore nécessaire... petite balade à Metz (la ville qui m'a vu naître!) pour apprécier les parterres de fleurs avant qu'ils soient bien vite remplacés par les feuilles mortes...
Alors pourquoi pas une jupe fleurie pour l'occasion!!!
Sylvain et moi ne sommes souvent pas d'accord pour choisir les endroits de nos prises de vues... j'aime les endroits coquets et proprets... il aime les bâtiments abandonnés et délabrés, voir les zones industrielles un peu glauques... c'est sûr, je suis bien consciente que dans les 50's, la France ressemblait plus à cela qu'à l'image de carte postale que j'aime donner... les rues des villes étaient sales, les bâtiments non restaurés... mais bon, je suis une incorrigible perfectionniste et romantique!
- Bonne fin de semaine -

Thursday, September 17, 2015

LONG dress? Yes, please!

Those pictures come from the last real summer day we had.

Really sunny but not too hot!

A perfect day to wear vintage!

I have told you in a prebious post that 

I'm really in love with long 40's casual dresses lately...

So when I saw this one on Etsy, 

I immediatly put it in my cart!

These kind of dresses were supposed to be wear at home...

to feel confortable for lounging!

But what a waste to keep this beauty inside!!!

Sylvain tried something new on his outfit...

A vest!

I have tried to convince him to wear some for years,

but he was not sure to like or not...

till he found this beautiful yellow plaid one!

Really dapper, isn't he?

I now want a vest for me!!!!

A lot of vinage girls don't like floral dresses...

Me, I LOVE them perhaps as much as novelty!

Flowers give great color touches,

so it's easy to match accessories!

white vintage basket,

patriotic costume jewelery,

My Lea Stein fox... I'm pretty obsessed with her design lately...

When I was in their shop in L.A., 

I could chose between the red and the blue, so I bought both!

They are so stylish and comfy!

My hubby also like to choose perfect accessories.

Plaid tie for plaid vest!

Gray hat for gray pants!

He finally really liked his new style.

So you will perhaps see more vintage vests on him!

Let's hope for a bit more sunny days before winter comes...

Do you like floral prints?
What are you obsessed with lately on your outfits?

Un post qui apporte un peu de soleil après cette semaine si pluvieuse! Une nouvelle robe longue 40's, une coupe que j'adore récemment... et dire que ces beautés étaient juste destinées à se prélasser à la maison!!! Quelle folie, je n'ai qu'une envie, les porter dans la rue, trop belles pour les cacher!!! Une fois de plus, j'ai pris plaisir à assortir mes accessoires, de même pour Sylvain!
Une petite nouveauté pour lui, cette petite veste qui me donnerait presque l'envie d'en trouver une pour moi...
- En espérant un automne moins pluvieux, A+ -