Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pre-CHRISTMAS trip....

Sorry for my lack of news lately...

 December was a really busy month!

 I had a lot work at my job,

 we had something planned on every week-end...
including a Bruxelles trip and 4 days in Paris!
but we are now on vacations at home so with some time left!
So these pictures were taken in Bruxelles.
We spend 2 days there before Xmas for some shopping and to see familly.

We really enjoyed this short trip.

We of course made some vintage shopping...

I found an incredible 50's novelty blouse!

But we also enjoyed Xmas spirit everywhere in the city!

All lights were so beautiful.

Xmas market was really lifefull even in the middle of the night!

The "Grand Place" and the Queen Galerie were just magical!

So many sweet things to taste!

Maccarons, waffles, chocolates...!!!!

We spent a night at this place...

the METROPOLE hotel! 

We chose it because of its location and history!

This 5 stars hotel was openned in the late XIXe century in the heart of historical city.

And about everything is just like one century ago!

Even if it's a palace, you can find some great deals for week-end on internet!

It's nice to see that such a place have been preserved!

It was a really cold week-end.

So here is how Sylvain an I were dressed!

So elegant!

30's midnight blue suit for my hubby!

Look at all those details on ceiling!

I chose to wear wool with some red touches!

Unfortunatly, we forgot to picture our room...

It's New Year Eve tonight... ENJOY!!!!

Did you go somewhere for your Xmas shopping?
Do you choose your hotels based on their history?

Monday, December 9, 2013

And the WINNER is.....

So I would like thank everybody who entered my giveaway and thanks also for all your nice comments!!!
So I will be a kind of early Santa Claus for one of you...

So the winner of my giveaway is... 
It's the 8th comment!
Jenny FRANCES, you are the winner!!!
Please contact me thru my Facebook page or at lostinthe1950s@yahoo.fr to give me your full name and adress and you will receive your presents!
Do you like giveaway?
Have you ever win one?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas GIVEAWAY !!!!!

So Xmas will be here really soon... we decorated our tree yesterday!
Our FACEBOOK page passed the 2000 followers a few weeks ago and I promised them to think about a GIVEAWAY!
So here are the gifts I have for you in our Xmas tree...
First, I would like to offer this cute keyschain from the 50's (perhaps early 60's)!  

 I own exactly the same for my '54 Chevrolet just check the following picture.

 This cat also exist in white, black and red! I gave a white one in my first giveaway and so many people wanted it so I have decided to offer another one!
And my second present for you will be this ERSTWILDER brooch: GINA!
I LOVE Erstwilder brooches,
you may have noticed that in my previous posts!!!
Here is my personal collection...
and WIN this cute cat and this lovely giraffe ???
  • First chance to win: you must be a follower of my blog of course and leave a comment here which tell me which of my previous post did you prefer. It will help me to know what you like to read. 
  • Second chance to win: you must "like" our FACEBOOK page and leave a comment here to tell me how you discovered this blog.
  • Third and fourth chance to win : share this giveaway on your blog or on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and leave other comments with your links!
You must write a comment for each to have several chances to win!

I have myself never won any giveaway... I hope that I will make someone happy with mine...
Good luck everybody!!!
Winner will be announced next week the 7th of December, so you will receive your presents before Xmas!