Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vintage LEOPARD style!!!!

We still had a lot of snow this week-end...
Here is the view from our house!!!
So I choose a comfy and warm leopard style to go to a diner with friends.
What's fun in winter is that you can wear more accessories than in summer...
Scarf, gloves, muff...
I'm a big leopard fan, that's suit perfectly my blond hair!
Most of the time leopard is considered as really sexy but I don't think so, it can also be really elegant.
Did you noticed those amazing gloves?
I bought them on a flea market close to home (some pictures of that day HERE).
And here is a lovely portrait of my sweet husband....
I love when he is wearing pink and gray!
A close view of his atomic tie and of that elegant bird!
All those vintage leopard accessories come from different places, all bought separatly!
Hat and muff from Ebay...
Scarf and fur earrings fom flea markets! 
Even my boots were in a leopard mood...
(Havana boots from Miss L Fire)
Look this link, they are 60% off!!!!!
I forgot to speak about this sweater set from the 40's, I love these kind of suits but they are so hard to find in my size!
I bought this incredible 40's swing coat in an Antique Mall in California for less than $20!
I don't think we ever show you our garage...
It's my husband's home during winter because he is so sad to not be able to drive our vintage cars out... he is waiting for spring!
Perhaps have you noticed his crazy collection in the 3 previous pictures???
About 150 of them are on our garage's walls! 
A last advice, if you want to wear a leopard style, just pick some accessories, a full leopard style is often too much. Wear them with plain colors like dark green, beige, brown...
Do you like and often wear leopard?
What do you think about my man CRAZY collection?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Soon on TV...!!!!!

We spent a special saturday this week-end.... This post's tittle say all... some TV journalists came home to make an interview of us!

First, I didn't want to do it... but my husband was dying to show our life style on TV! So I said a small "yes"...
It will just be a few minutes on TV and not in a huge national show... I will not tell which one because I fear it to be so bad that I will want to hide... so if I think it is good, I will share it with you :-)
Here is what I chose to wear for the interview.
An early 50's dress... this dress has a special story, I bought it on Ebay in september 2011 but after a few weeks the parcel was still not there! I contacted its seller many times and always had some "good" excuses... and I finally forget about it!!!!
What was my surprise when I received a parcel more than 1 year after with this dress in!!! The seller finally decided to send it to me with an letter of apology... Everything can finally happen!
I was also wearing my Delano from Miss L Fire.
Did you notice that I cut my hair a bit?  I still cannot decide if I want to change my hair color...
This late 40's thrift hat is perfect for this hair style!
This cute leather gloves were found NOS in a flea market in belgium. My purse is from Etsy just before New Year Eve.
Have you ever been interviewed on TV?
What do you think,
will it be nice if I chose a darker hair color?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fake FUR for a snowing day!

Like a lot of places in Europe, we had beautiful white landscapes.

I must say that it's sometimes not easy to wear vintage with snow and freezing weather...
The problem is perhaps easier to resolve for men.
First things to look for when you live in our cold areas are nice vintage winter coats.
My husband is  lately searching for hunting or skiing trousers to fight cold!
Vintage coats are not easy to find mainly if you are not a S size...
Often not in good condition or at crazy prices!
Having a nice looking coat is important because even if you have the most stuning dress underneath people will only see your coat... so my advice is to invest a little for a warm and elegant winter!
I quite never wear 30's clothes but Sylvain likes to switch from the 50's to the 30's.
This swing coat is from the 50's, made of gray fake fur!
Fake fur became really fashionnable in the late 50's, not for animals welfare like today but because it was amazingly cheaper!!!
This cap is repro from Mamie vintage shop, look there to find one . They are made of vintage fabrics from the 30's-50's for a more authentic look!
His vintage wool plaid jacket comes also from this amazing shop in Paris.

My dress is from the early 50's bought in a quite poor condition...
I added myself those white vintage buttons and mended it at several places.
This pattern is just perfect for a snowing day!
Look at these cuffs design, lovely!

Love my hubby's style there!!!

I must speak to you about another problem when you are wearing vintage in snow... SHOES!
My advice is to buy 40's-50's overshoes, they are easy to find on Ebay and your feet will be warm and dry!!!

Did you notice my 50's plastic earrings? SNOW FLAKES!!!

But snow doesn't have only good sides... what's your opinion, Sylvain?

Can you tell me more about your favorite winter coat?
Do you also have white landscapes lately?