Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Vintage LEOPARD style!!!!

We still had a lot of snow this week-end...
Here is the view from our house!!!
So I choose a comfy and warm leopard style to go to a diner with friends.
What's fun in winter is that you can wear more accessories than in summer...
Scarf, gloves, muff...
I'm a big leopard fan, that's suit perfectly my blond hair!
Most of the time leopard is considered as really sexy but I don't think so, it can also be really elegant.
Did you noticed those amazing gloves?
I bought them on a flea market close to home (some pictures of that day HERE).
And here is a lovely portrait of my sweet husband....
I love when he is wearing pink and gray!
A close view of his atomic tie and of that elegant bird!
All those vintage leopard accessories come from different places, all bought separatly!
Hat and muff from Ebay...
Scarf and fur earrings fom flea markets! 
Even my boots were in a leopard mood...
(Havana boots from Miss L Fire)
Look this link, they are 60% off!!!!!
I forgot to speak about this sweater set from the 40's, I love these kind of suits but they are so hard to find in my size!
I bought this incredible 40's swing coat in an Antique Mall in California for less than $20!
I don't think we ever show you our garage...
It's my husband's home during winter because he is so sad to not be able to drive our vintage cars out... he is waiting for spring!
Perhaps have you noticed his crazy collection in the 3 previous pictures???
About 150 of them are on our garage's walls! 
A last advice, if you want to wear a leopard style, just pick some accessories, a full leopard style is often too much. Wear them with plain colors like dark green, beige, brown...
Do you like and often wear leopard?
What do you think about my man CRAZY collection?


  1. I LOVE leopard print in accessories! It gives such a fun but elegant touch! Your muff and those earrings, everything about your outfit, I LOVE IT!
    Those vintage vacuum cleaners are so cool! :D

    Yours sincerely,
    Sara from Ladylike Delicacy

  2. Wow, I'm so jealous of the view. Much of the Midwestern US where I live is flat and boring. We live in Chicago and we're blessed with a beautiful neighborhood but are the exception, not the rule.

  3. Love that dress/suit. The colour is awesome^^ And your leopard accessoires are gorgeous.

  4. I like leopard lots but rarely wear it as I do not have much. The green sweater set is gorgeous and goes so well with leopard. That is an awful lot of vacuum cleaners!

  5. I completely agree, leopard can be very elegant, especially when used in smaller doses such as your splendid winter accessories (I love leopard and wear it as well, usually in the form of accessories like purses and shoes, too). You both look so, so fantastically stylish. Wonderful winter ensembles!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. i love and wear leopard prints since i'm a teenager. it depends on the style and the quality of the fabric of the leopard spotted garment. getting older and having a job for 'grown up people' makes wearing animal prints more and more a big challenge.
    your accessoiries look very elegant! and your 40s sweater set is what i'm looking for. i think i don't find it in any size in germany ;)

  7. WOW! Seriously, that is all I can say!


  8. Love the garage, hopefully soon we can start bringing our 65 Buick back to life. Your husband has a great space to work. Can you believe I used to drive my 68 Chevy Malibu in the snow, but it was the only car I had while I was in college. I also think leopard print is classy and I love pairing it with red or green!

  9. Amazing outfit - I am SO into green right now (since I became a redhead) and I am always into leopard print (read: obsessed!), so this is pretty much my idea of a perfect outfit! :) That jacket is also beautiful - and what a steal for $20!!

    My husband was just reading over my shoulder and he loves your husband's tie! :)

  10. Wow, you have some very special cars! Your garage looks just like a museum:) So organized and very clean:) I love that you were able to find leopard earrings. Great outfit!

  11. I love everything! Your garage is amazing! The glimpse of the pictures, the vacuums, and of course the lovely cars. Everything you're wearing, and especially the suit - what a beautiful colour, it suits you so well! - and the earrings, wow! Your hubby looks amazing too! Honestly, he may be the best dressed man ever.

  12. Love the leopard!! I've wanted a whole set of leopard accessories for ages but I think I may end up making one. The muff, scarf and hat reminds me of Marilyn's black and leopard ensemble in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Also, I have seen a lot of fur earrings but never seen then worn. I thought they'd look bizarre but no, I'm loving them on you! I may have to be a copy cat and pick them up next time I see them!!

  13. You look GREAT. I LOVE anything "leopard"...actually "ocelot" has a very beautiful pattern, more beautiful than "leopard", in my opinion, but nobody seems to reproduce it very often! It's like snakeskin: there are HUNDREDS of beautiful snakeskin patterns but "Burmese" and "reticulated" python are the standard, endlessly repeated,

    It mudt be wonderful to get f\dressed up in a vintage outfit and go out for a drive in a beautiful vintage car like the ones you have...I have always loved those big fancy "finned" 50's cars!

  14. Wow! That garage is amazing! And I love the vacuum collection, how cool is that? Love your outfit, great color, and I too like to keep my leopard print in my accessories. Those fur earrings are so darling.

  15. You both look very stylish and I love your gloves!

  16. You look very elegant - as always. Love sylvain's vakuum cleaner collection. I've Never heard of that before. I also miss my vintage car and long for spring.

  17. Oh you just look so adorable! I love the muff so much. I am really looking forward to winter here (it's summer in Australia) so I can wear capes, and wool hats & I HAVE to get myself a muff this year.

    As for your garage - amazing!

  18. Your whole outfit is scrumptious! I love the green and lepard print combo and all your accessories...those earrings sent me into raptures, they are the final touch. Beautiful, as always. xx Shauna

  19. Holy cow, I am so envious of your garage and all its contents! Well maybe not the vacuum cleaners :) The cars look so beautiful! As for leopard, I agree it can be very ladylike but I think it will always be thought of as sexy. Your little fur earrings are so cute!

  20. The dashes of leopard are divine you both look so gorge x

  21. You look incredible in the 40's sweater set! It fits you perfectly!

  22. Superbe!
    Je cherche un set jupe et pull exactement dans ce ton de vert depuis des années... introuvable! quel que soit la taille...
    Ton chapeau est vraiment chouette aussi. Mon seul chapeau léopard est trop petit pour moi, donc il reste au fond d'une de mes boites à chapeau...